September 4 in Pop Culture History

September 4th Fun Facts, Trivia and History

September 4th History Highlights

  • 1870 – Emperor Napoleon III of France was deposed and the Third Republic is declared.
  • 1882 – The first public electric lights were turned on in Manhattan, NYC.
  • 1883 – 10-year-old Barney Flaherty was the first newsboy, hired by The New York Sun.
  • 1957 – The “Little Rock Nine” were blocked from entering Little Rock Central High School in Arkansas.
  • If you were born on September 4th,
    You were likely conceived the week of… December 12th (prior year)

The Little Rock Nine

Arkansas Governor Orval Faubus called in the Arkansas National Guard to deny black students entry to high school. President Dwight Eisenhower sent nearly 1,000 paratroopers to ensure the school would be open to the nine students. Later that month, he sent federal troops to escort the Little Rock Nine out of school, and later that month he sent more than 2,500 U.S. Army Air Force troops.
On September 25, 1957, the Little Rock Nine returned to Central High School and enrolled for their first day of school.

September 4th is…

“In times like these, it helps to recall that there have always been times like these.”
– Paul Harvey

“Making music is a lifestyle; go to the studio and sit in front of your computer, drum machine or guitar for 10 hours a day. The good stuff will come.”
– Mark Ronson

“Your partner cannot read your mind, so talk to your partner about how you’re feeling and what you need.”
– Drew Pinsky

“I think, oftentimes, it’s the audience that suffers when a show isn’t given the opportunity to have a beginning, middle and end.”
– Khandi Alexander

“Dancing is still the hardest profession. Gene Kelly said dancing is a man’s game Women have to do the same thing in heels, and have to sing and smile at the same time. Professional athletes don’t even have to do that – and they get to wear sneakers.”
– Mitzi Gaynor

September 4th Birthday Quotes

Appreciation Day
Eat an Extra Dessert Day
Macadamia Nut Day
Newspaper Carrier
Wildlife Day

September 4th Birthdays

1776 – Stephen Whitney, American businessman (died in 1860)
1848 – Lewis Howard Latimer, American inventor (died in 1928)
1848 – Jennie Lee, American actress (died in 1925)
1901 – William Lyons, English businessman, co-founded Jaguar Cars (died in 1985)
1918 – Paul Harvey, American radio host ‘Good Day!’ (died in 2009)
1927 – John McCarthy, American computer scientist and academic (died in 2011)
1931 – Mitzi Gaynor, American actress, singer, and dancer
1957 – Khandi Alexander, American actress, dancer, and choreographer
1958 – ‘Dr. Drew’ Pinsky, American radio and television host
1968 – John DiMaggio, American voice actor
1971 – Ione Skye, English-American actress
1975 – Mark Ronson, English DJ, producer and songwriter
1980 – Max Greenfield, American actor
1984 – Kyle Mooney, American comedic actor, and screenwriter

September 4th History

1682 – English astronomer Edmund Halley discovered the comet now named after him.

1781 – The city of Los Angeles was founded.

1833 – Barney Flaherty (age 10) was hired by the New York Sun as America’s first newsboy.

1888 – George Eastman patented his 1st roll-film camera and registered the “Kodak” name.

1893 – Beatrix Potter created Peter Rabbit when writing a letter to a friend dated today.

1900 – “Typhoid Mary” Mallon was a cook who was ‘patient zero’ for a series of Typhoid Fever outbreaks in the early 1900s. She claimed to have never been sick herself.

1951 – President Truman’s address at the signing of the Japanese Peace Treaty (WW II) was broadcast.

1957 – Nine black students attempted to enter Little Rock Central High School but were blocked by the Arkansas National Guard. The next day, President Dwight D. Eisenhower ordered the 1,200-man 101st Airborne Battle Group of the U.S. Army’s 101st Airborne Division from Fort Campbell, Kentucky, to escort the nine students into the school.

1957 – Ford introduced “The Edsel” automobile – one of the biggest business flops in history.

1961 – #1 Hit September 4, 1961 – September 17, 1961: The Highwaymen – Michael

1964NASA launched its 1st Orbital Geophysical Observatory (OGO-1). It is still in orbit.

1965 – #1 Hit September 4, 1965 – September 24, 1965: The Beatles – Help!

1971 – #1 Hit September 4, 1971 – September 10, 1971: Paul McCartney and Linda McCartney – Uncle Albert/Admiral Halsey

1972 – Mark Spitz won his seventh gold medal in the 1972 Munich Olympics.

1976 – #1 Hit September 4, 1976 – September 10, 1976: Bee Gees – You Should Be Dancing

1982 – #1 Hit September 4, 1982 – September 10, 1982: Steve Miller Band – Abracadabra

1995- The series Xena: Warrior Princess which starred Lucy Lawless made its debut.

1999 – #1 Hit September 4, 1999 – September 17, 1999: Enrique Iglesias – Bailamos

2000 – Caillou & Clifford the Big Red Dog debuted on PBS

2002 – Kelly Clarkson won the first season of American Idol on FOX.

2012 – Live! with Kelly became Live! with Kelly and Michael, when Michael Strahan became the permanent co-host

Today’s Random Trivia and Shower Thoughts

Does anybody really know what time it is?

Biggest film of 1937: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs (Musical) earned ~ $185,000,000

A group of Deer is called a Herd or Leash or Gang.

The Guinness Book of World Records holds at least 2 records. It is the book Most Stolen from Public Libraries. It is also the Best Selling Annual Publication, according to its own records.

The Capital of Luxembourg is Luxembourg

There are few foods that dogs can’t eat, among them grapes and chocolate. Raisinets are doggy kryptonite.

Will Smith (who wanted to do Wild Wild West instead), Brad Pitt, Nicholas Cage, and Val Kilmer all turned down the role of Neo in The Matrix.

“Do you know who I used to be?” – Max Bialystock (Zero Mostel) #moviequotes

“Snap out of it!” – Loretta Castorini (Cher) in Moonstruck, 1987

Manslaughter has nothing to do with man’s laughter.

A man name Clifford Johnson survived the Cocoanut Grove Fire with severe 3rd-degree burns, becoming the most severely burned person to survive his injuries. 14 years later, he burned to death in a car accident.

A book that is 1000 pages long only has 500 pieces of paper in it.

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