Scary Instrumental Music

Scary Movie Soundtracks and TV Themes/Songs

Scary Music From Soundtracks Movies, Classical & Television can evoke their own terrors, but your memories from the big (or small) screen are what make shivers run down your spine. Extended cuts and edits can add an even creepier vibe. What is ‘scary music’ anyway? Midnight, the Stars and You by Al Bowly with Ray Noble and His Orchestra is a lovely 1934 tune unless you’ve seen The Shining.

1.“O Fortuna” from Carmina Burana by Carl Orff
2.Tubular Bells (Movie Theme – the Exorcist)
3.Psycho (Movie Theme)
4.Toccata and Fugue in D Minor
5.Mars Attacks! (Movie Theme)
6.Twisted Nerve – Bernard Herman
7.Jaws (Movie Theme)
8.True Blood (TV Theme)
9.Gregorian Chants: Offertorium
10.X-Files (TV Theme)
11.Unsolved Mysteries (TV Theme)
12.Goosebumps (TV Show) – Jack Lenz
13.The Ring (Movie Theme)
14.Punkinhead (1988 Movie Teme)
15.Scream (Ghostface, Movie Theme)
16.Dawn of the Dead (1978 Movie Theme)
17.The Sorcerer’s Apprentice
18.Twilight Zone (TV Theme)
19.Stranger Things (TV Theme) – Kyle Dixon & Michael Stein
20.Danse Macabre
21.Tales From The Darkside (TV Theme)
22.Krzysztof Komeda – Lullaby (Rosemary’s Baby, 1969 Movie)
23.Friday the 13th (Movie Theme)
24.Flight of the Valkyries – Wagner
25.Carnival of the Animals – Zoological Fantasy: VII. Aquarium
26.Suspiria (Movie Theme)
27.Night On Bald Mountain
28.Tales From The Crypt Teme – Danny Elfman
29.Dark Shadows (TV Theme)
30.De Natura Sonoris – Krzysztof Penderecki
31.Child’s Play (original Movie Theme)
32.Rosemary’s Baby (Movie Theme)
33.Die Huette der Baba Yaga – Mussorgsky
34.Final Destination
35.Poltergeist (Movie Theme)
36.Nosferatu – Art Zoyd
37.Saw (Movie Theme)
38.The Omen (Movie Theme)
39.Petrushka, Second Tableau – Stravinsky
40.Willard (Movie Main Title Theme)
41.Peer Gynt Suite No. 1, Op. 46: IV. In the Hall of the Mountain King (Alla marcia e molto marcato – Piu vivo)
42.NBC Mystery Movie (TV Theme)
43.Christine Attacks (Plymouth Fury, 1988 Film) – John Carpenter, Alan Howarth
44.Outer Limits (TV Theme)
45.Suite Gothique, Op. 25: IV. Toccata
46.Beetlejuice – (Movie, Main title)
47.Addam’s Family (TV Theme) – Vic Mizzy
48.Organ Cantata in D Minor, BWV 146: “Wir müssen durch viel Trübsal in das Reich”
49.Doctor Who (TV Theme)
50.Munster’s Theme (TV Theme)
51.The Fog (Movie Theme)
52.Midnight, the Stars and You – Ray Noble and His Orchestra
53.Aliens (Movie Theme)
54.Symphonie Fantastique, Op. 14, “Episode de la vie d’un artiste”: V. Songe d’une Nuit du Sabbat (The Witches’ Sabbath)
55.Phantasm (Movie Theme)
56.Night on Disco Mountain – David Shire
57.Dante’s Peak (Movie Theme)
58.Nightmare on Elm Street (Movie Theme)
59.The Lonely Shepherd – Zamfir
60.Black Hole (Movie Theme)
61.Insidious (Movie Theme)
62.Music For Strings Percussion And Celesta – Bartok
63.Le Sacre du Printemps (The Rite of Spring), Part II. The Sacrifice: II. Cercles Mystereux des Adolescentes (Mystic Circles of the Young Girls)
64.Cape Fear – Bernard Herrman
65.Devil (2010 Film, Main Theme, and End Credits)
66.Prelude in C# minor – Rachmaninoff
67.Amity Horror (Movie Theme)
68.The Messiah: X. For Behold, Darkness Shall Cover The Earth
69.Nocturne for Horn, Tenor, and Strings – Benjamin Britten
70.Magic and Ecstasy – Ennio Morricone
71.Mothman Prophecies (Movie Theme)
72.Music for the Funeral of Queen Mary – Henry Purcells
73.The Shining (Movie Theme)
74.Devils of Loudon – Penderecki
75.8th String Quartet – Shostakovich