Pop Culture Trivia Quiz: 1948

What Happened In 1948?

48 Trivia Questions and Answers for 1948 History

1. Who was President of the United States in 1948?
Harry S. Truman (April 12, 1945January 20, 1953)

2. What was the name of the American initiative passed in 1948 for foreign aid to Western Europe?
The Marshall Plan

3. What was the highest-grossing film of 1948?
Red River (The Paleface was a very close #2)

4. What was the highest-grossing musical film of 1948?
Easter Parade

5. How much did a Loaf of Bread cost in 1948?
14 cents

6. How much did a Gallon of Milk cost 1948?
87 cents

7. What was the Bestselling Fiction Book in 1948?
The Big Fisherman by Lloyd C. Douglas

8. What was the Biggest Number One Song of 1948?
Buttons and Bows by Dinah Shore

9. What is the civilian he auxiliary of the United States Air Force called?
Civil Air Patrol

10. This song, about an unusual plant, was written in 1927 but became a Number One Hit for Art Mooney in 1948. Name that song.
I’m Looking Over a Four Leaf Clover

11. The Soviet Union controlled Eastern Berlin, Germany, and interfered with travel between both parts of the city. What was this restriction called?
The Berlin Blockade

12. What was the response from the United States and the Allies to the Berlin Blockade?
The Berlin Airlift

13. This television variety was best known as The Ed Sullivan Show, but for the first seven years, it had another title. Name that old TV show.
Toast of the Town

14. Who won the Stanley Cup in 1948?
In 1948, The Toronto Maple Leafs won over the Detroit Red Wings (4 games to 0)

15. In 1948, what was the average life expectancy in the United States?
Men – 64.6 years, Women – 69.9 years.

16. By the end of the 1948 Major League Baseball season, only one stadium did not have lights installed for night games, although they did get them 40 years later. Name that baseball stadium.
Wrigley Field.

17. How many people lived in the United States in 1948?
The population was an estimated 146,631,302 people.

18. This stadium was renamed Mile High Stadium in 1968, but what was it called when it was built in 1948?
Bears Stadium (For the Denver Bears minor league baseball team)

19. To the nearest dime, what was the average movie theater ticket price in 1948?
40 cents

20. This show moved from radio to television in 1958, and gave Milton Berle the nickname of “Mister Television”
Texaco Star Theater

21. Who was the Republican nominee for President in 1948?
Thomas E. Dewey

22. After the 1948 election, what newspaper erroneously declared “Dewey Defeats Truman”?
The Chicago Tribune

23. On November 14, 1948, Buckingham Palace released a statement: “Her Royal Highness the Princess Elizabeth Duchess of Edinburgh was safely delivered of a Prince at 9:14 o’clock this evening. Her Royal Highness and the infant Prince are both well.” Who was the prince they were talking about?
Prince Charles

24. Which celebrity was NOT born in 1948: Dan Aykroyd, Samuel L. Jackson, Ozzy Osbourne, Jackson Browne, or Christa McAuliffe?
Dan Aykroyd (born July 1, 1952)

25. What company used the slogan: “A Diamond is Forever”?

26. This household product, invented by Ed Lowe, for indoor pets, is a $2 Billion a year industry.
The Litter Box

27. First produced in 1948, now they are the longest-running pickup brand in the world. What are “they”?
Ford F-Series Pickup Trucks

28. How much did a dozen eggs cost in 1948?
72 cents

29. Capturing ordinary people being confronted with unusual situations, this show has been on and off the air since 1948.
HINT: Smile!
Candid Camera

30. This Oscar-winning film had the same title as a Top Ten song by Bertie Higgins in 1981…
Key Largo

31. This musical written by Bella and Samuel Spewack with music and lyrics by Cole Porter is based on Shakespeare’s Taming of the Shrew. Name that Broadway show.
Kiss Me, Kate

32. Who won the 1948 World Series?
In 1948, The Cleveland Indians won, beating the Boston Braves (4 games to 2)

33. What American city banned pinball machines and other “gaming devices” until 1976?
New York City

34. This Chicago television station, a superstation on cable decades late, first went on the air on April 5, 1948.
WGN (tagline “Chicago’s very own”)

35. Who was the Time Magazine Man of the Year in 1948?
Harry S. Truman

36. What restaurant had the first drive-thru window?
In-n-Out Burger in Baldwin Park, California.

37. To look sleeker and futuristic, Cadillac added what to its 1948 cars?

38. This company originally produced utilitarian four-wheel drive, off-road vehicles, but are now focused on luxury SUVs. Name this English company.
Land Rover

39. What two newspapers merged to form the Chicago Sun-Times?
The Chicago Sun and Chicago Daily Times

40. Held in London, United Kingdom, how many medals did the US win in the 1948 Summer Olympics?
38 Gold, 27 Silver, 19 Bronze.

41. Held in St. Moritz, Switzerland, how many medals did the US win in the 1948 Winter Olympics?
3 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze.

42. This film, a western, gave us the line – “Badges? We ain’t got no badges! We don’t need no badges! I don’t have to show you any stinking badges!”
The Treasure of the Sierra Madre

43. How much did a gallon of gas cost in 1948?
$0.26 per gallon

44. Rudolf and Adolf Dassler both opened shoe companies in Bavaria, Germany. What are the names of the two companies the brothers founded?
Puma and Adidas (They divided the company they had started in 1924)

45. What is the common name for the (new in 1948) microgroove product?
Long Playing Record album

46. Founded in 1948, this United Nations organization is responsible for international public health. Name that organization.
World Health Organization (WHO)

47. Who won the US Triple Crown of Thoroughbred Racing in 1948?

48. This racing company began in 1948 and is headquartered in Daytona, Florida. Name that company.

Trivia Team Bonus Questions:

1. What to the letters in NASCAR mean?
National Association for Stock Car Auto Racing

2. What did the United Kingdon name its new comprehensive health care system in 1948?
The National Health Service

3. The first Tony Award for Best Play was presented. Name the winning play.
Mister Roberts

4. Who was the Pope in 1948?
Pope Pius XII, March 2, 1939October 9, 1958

5. Air National Guard pilot Thomas F. Mantell died in the crash of his F-51 Mustang fighter plane while doing what?
He was sent by Godman Army Airfield at Fort Knox, Kentucky, to pursue an unidentified flying object (UFO).

6. Who were the 1948 NFL Champions?
Philadelphia Eagles

7. Margaret Chase Smith was elected as a United States Senator, representing Maine. She holds a first-time distinction for serving in Congress, what is that honor?
She was the first woman to serve in both the US House Of Representatives and the United States Senate.

8. Who were the 1948 NBA Champions?
For the 1947-48 Season, Champion Baltimore Bullets (1st) won 4 games to 2 over the Philadelphia Warriors

9. In 1948, the Soviet Union began to jam what radio broadcasts?
Voice of America broadcasts

10. Who was the American Vice-President in 1948?
The office of vice president was vacant from April 12, 1945 – January 20, 1949