TV’s # 1 Beatnik – Maynard G. Krebs

Funny you never realize the generation gap until you mention something from your past to a teenager. At fifteen, I wanted to be a “beatnik”. My idol was a chacter named Maynard G. Krebs from the 1959 TV show “The Many Loves of Dobie Gillis”. Maynard was played by Bob Denver. Maynard was American television’s first beatnik. An enthusiastic fan of jazz music (with a strong distaste for the music of Lawrence Welk), Maynard plays the bongos, collects tinfoil and petrified frogs, and steers clear of romance, authority figures, and work (yelping “Work?!” every time he hears the word).

Always speaking with the vernacular and slang of the beatniks and jazz musicians he admired, Maynard punctuated his sentences with the word “like” and had a tendency towards malapropisms.

I also read the writings of Jack Kerouac and dabbled in Zen Bhuddism, brewed green tea on the school cafeteria floor, plated bongo drums and in practiced the flute in the school auditorium. We all used words like “cool”, “dig”, and “man”, and applauded by snapping our fingers. We got high off of listening to Charlie Byrd and Greenwich Village was our Mecca.

Fredric Durrette served one tour in Vietnam, retired as E8 in the navy submarine service after 23 years. Major hobbies are collecting old stuff from the 20s and restoring old racing bicycles. Worked as a commercial photographer at JL Hudsons in Detroit and continue photography as a hobby. Love Sade, sixties soul, seventies rock, and all jazz. Attended Woodstock in 69!