The Philadelphia Experiment: Alleged Naval Invisibility Test

The Philadelphia Experiment

The Philadelphia Experiment is an alleged military experiment said to have taken place during World War II. According to conspiracy theories, the United States Navy attempted to create an invisible ship to radar and the human eye using electromagnetic fields. The experiment supposedly occurred at the Philadelphia Naval Shipyard and involved the USS Eldridge, a Cannon-class destroyer escort. Despite numerous claims and stories, there is no substantial evidence to support the existence of this experiment, and the U.S. Navy has consistently denied its occurrence.


  • The story of the Philadelphia Experiment gained traction in the 1950s when Carl M. Allen, using the pseudonym Carlos Allende, sent a series of letters to Morris K. Jessup, an author who had written about UFOs. Allen claimed he had witnessed the USS Eldridge disappearing and reappearing during the alleged experiment in 1943. According to the story, the crew members on board the ship experienced severe side effects, such as disorientation, nausea, and in some cases, being fused to the ship’s hull.
  • The story of the Philadelphia Experiment has been largely discredited by experts and researchers, who argue that the science behind the alleged invisibility technology is implausible.
  • The Office of Naval Research investigated the claims made by Carlos Allende and found no evidence to support the existence of the Philadelphia Experiment.

Effects on Pop Culture: Despite the lack of evidence and official denials, the Philadelphia Experiment has become popular in conspiracy theories and science fiction. It has been referenced in various forms of media, including:

  • The 1984 science fiction film “The Philadelphia Experiment,” directed by Stewart Raffill, tells a fictionalized story of two sailors transported to the 1980s after being caught in the experiment.
  • Numerous novels, television shows, and documentaries have explored or mentioned the Philadelphia Experiment, often in the context of secret government projects or time travel.

Prominent People and Countries Involved:

  • United States: As the alleged location of the Philadelphia Experiment, the United States plays a central role in the conspiracy theory.
  • U.S. Navy: The Navy has consistently denied any involvement in the alleged experiment and has emphasized that the claims made in the story are scientifically implausible.

Ihe Philadelphia Experiment is an alleged military experiment that supposedly took place during World War II, involving the creation of an invisible ship using electromagnetic fields. Despite being widely discredited by experts and denied by the U.S. Navy, the story has become popular in conspiracy theories and science fiction, inspiring numerous films, novels, and television shows.