January 22 in Pop Culture History

January 22nd Facts, Fun Trivia and History

January 22nd History Highlights

  • 1889 – Columbia Phonograph (Columbia Records) was formed in Washington, D.C.
  • 1946 – Creation of the Central Intelligence Group, now the CIA (Central Intelligence Agency).
  • 1947 – KTLA, the first commercial television station west of the Mississippi River, began operation in Hollywood.
  • 1973 – The Supreme Court of the United States delivered its decisions in Roe v. Wade and Doe v. Bolton, legalizing elective abortion in all fifty states.
  • If you were born on January 22nd,
    You were likely conceived the week of… May 1st (prior year)

January 22nd is…

Come in From The Cold Day
Dance of the Seven Veils Day
National Hot Sauce Day
National Polka Dot Day

The Dance of the Seven Veils Day

The Dance of the Seven Veils Day is an annual celebration that takes place on January 22nd. It commemorates Salome’s dance performance for Herod Antipas and his guests, which according to the Bible took place before the beheading of John the Baptist. Richard Strauss included this dance in his 1905 opera, “Salome,” an opera which made its American debut on January 22, 1907, at the Metropolitan Opera House in New York.

The Dance of the Seven Veils is a traditional cabaret theme. Salome’s dance symbolizes her sensual and seductive power over men, while also foreshadowing John’s death by dismemberment at Herod Antipas’ hands.

Today marks the anniversary of this opera debut in America – and thus it commemorates the Dance of the Seven Veils.

January 22nd Birthday Quotes

If you listen, you learn; if you talk, you don’t.
– John Hurt

Civilized men are more discourteous than savages because they know they can be impolite without having their skulls split, as a general thing.
– Robert E. Howard

Its difficult to understand why people don’t realize that pets are gifts to mankind.
– Linda Blair

I can see now that I should have been strong enough to conquer myself. – Author:
– Conrad Veidt

Near this spot
Are deposited the Remains of one
Who possessed Beauty without Vanity,
Strength without Insolence,
Courage without Ferocity,
And all the Virtues of Man without his Vices.
This Praise, which would be unmeaning Flattery
If inscribed over human ashes,
Is but a just tribute to the Memory of

– Lord Byron

If a man be gracious and courteous to strangers, it shows he is a citizen of the world, and that his heart is no island cut off from other lands, but a continent that joins to them.
– Francis Bacon

We’re takin’ you on a road rockin’ trip down to Flavortown, where the gravitational force of bacon warps the laws of space and time.
– Guy Feiri

You already know what it is!

January 22nd Birthdays

1552 – Sir Walter Raleigh, English poet, soldier, courtier and explorer (died in 1618)
1561 – Francis Bacon, English philosopher and politician (died in 1626)
1788 – Lord Byron, English influential poet and playwright (died in 1824)
1874 – Edward Harkness, American philanthropist (died in 1940)
1893 – Conrad Veidt, German-American actor, director, and producer (died in 1943)
1906 – Robert E. Howard, American author, creator of Conan The Barbarian (died in 1936)
1909 – Ann Sothern, American actress and singer (died in 2001)
1931 – Sam Cooke, American singer-songwriter (died in 1964)
1932 – Piper Laurie, American actress
1934 – Bill Bixby, American actor (died in 1993)
1940 – John Hurt, English actor (died in 2017)
1946 – Malcolm McLaren, English singer-songwriter and manager (died in 2010)
1949 – Steve Perry, American singer-songwriter
1959 – Linda Blair, American actress
1965 – DJ Jazzy Jeff, American DJ and producer
1965 – Diane Lane, American actress
1968 – Guy Fieri, American chef, author, and television host
1969 – Olivia d’Abo, English-American singer-songwriter and actress
1981 – Willa Ford, American singer-songwriter
1981 – Beverley Mitchell, American actress
1998 – Silento, American rapper

January 22nd History

1890 – The United Mine Workers of America was founded in Columbus, Ohio.

1943 – Spearfish, North Dakota experienced a forty-nine degree temperature change over the span of two minutes.

1947 – KTLA began operating in Hollywood.

1954 – #1 Hit January 22, 1955February 4, 1955: Joan Weber – Let Me Go, Lover!

1968 – Rowan and Martin’s Laugh-In debuted on NBC

1973 – Roe vs Wade: U.S. Supreme Court legalized abortions.

1977 – #1 Hit January 22, 1977 – January 28, 1977: Stevie Wonder – I Wish

1984 – Apple’s “1984” advertisement ran (for the only time) at Superbowl XVII

1987 – Pennsylvania politician R. Budd Dwyer shot and killed himself at a live, televised press conference.

1994 – #1 Hit January 22, 1994 – February 11, 1994: Bryan Adams, Rod Stewart & Sting – All For Love

1997 – Lottie Williams was the first human to be struck by a remnant of a space vehicle (Delta II rocket?) after re-entering the earth’s atmosphere.

1999 – Gloria, Tango, Children of Heaven, Still Crazy and My Name is Joe were released in theaters.

2003 – Chappelle’s Show debuted on Comedy Central.

Today’s Random Trivia and Shower Thoughts

Notice the big letter on the face of the dollar bill? Each letter represents which Federal Reserve Bank printed it! “D” is for Cleveland

Useless Pronunciation: D, as in Djinn

When my dad shouts at a sport on TV, he/s showing his passion for the sport. When I shout at a video game, I’m an ‘angry nerd’.

Cole’s Law: Thinly sliced cabbage.

Richard Dawson (original host of Family Feud) was asked by producers to quit kissing women. He asked the audience to mail in what they wanted, 704 were against the kissing, and 14,600 wanted him to continue.

Our greatest weakness lies in giving up. The most certain way to succeed is always to try just one more time.

2000 pounds of Chinese soup: Won ton

The word “alphabet” comes from the first two letters, alpha and beta.

GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) is where the clocks start from, kept accurate by UT (Universal Time)

Insurance must be crazy expensive in Metropolis and Gotham City. #SupertownProblems

Blackberries and strawberries are not berries, but tomatoes and avocados are.

In Star Wars, if Luke turned off his targeting computer and then missed the Death Star’s exhaust port he would have looked like the biggest fool ever.

The Capital of Rwanda is Kigali

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