April 21 in Pop Culture History

April 21 Fun Facts, Trivia and History

April 21 History Highlights

  • 753 BC – Romulus and his twin brother Remus founded Rome.
  • 1918 – ‘Red Baron’ Manfred von Richthofen was shot down and killed during the battle of Somme.
  • April 21, 2011 – The day Skynet became self-aware and attacked the human race. Terminator, Film.
  • 1934 – The “Surgeon’s Photograph“, the most famous photo allegedly showing the Loch Ness Monster, was published in the Daily Mail.
  • 1962 – The Seattle World’s Fair (Century 21 Exposition) opened.
  • If you were born on April 21st,
    You were likely conceived the week of… July 29th (prior year)

Kindergarten Day

On April 21, the world celebrates a man named Friedrich Fröbel who founded the first play and activity institute called kindergarten. Kindergartens promote mental stimulation which is why their curriculum includes singing, dancing, and creativity. Fröbel coined the word for his work: kindergarten is literally “children’s garden” in English.

This day of joy was originally chosen by him because he believed it was so necessary to teach children happiness as they should never be confined or sheltered from learning new skills with any concern.

April 21 is…

Bulldogs are Beautiful Day
Chocolate-Covered Cashew Truffle Day
Kindergarten Day
Record Store Day

April 21 Birthday Quotes

“Once you’re able to look like an idiot and be OK with it, it opens up your potential.”
– Nicole Sullivan

“The minute you start to strategize too much, the more you start to think you’re in control of your own fate. And you’re not, really.”
– James McAvoy

“When one tugs at a single thing in nature, he finds it attached to the rest of the world.”
– John Muir

“When it comes to art, money is an unimportant detail. It just happens to be a huge unimportant detail.”
– Iggy Pop

“I know what it means to have a leading part, and I know what it means to have a featured part.”
– Patti LuPone

April 21 Birthdays

1838 – John Muir, Scottish-American environmentalist and author (died in 1914)
1864 – Max Weber, German sociologist (died in 1920)
1915 – Anthony Quinn, Mexican-American actor (died in 2001)
1922 – Alistair MacLean, Scottish novelist and screenwriter (died in 1987)
1926 – Elizabeth II, Queen of the United Kingdom and her other realms
1932 – Elaine May, American comedic actress
1947 – Iggy Pop, American singer-songwriter and actor
1949 – Patti LuPone, American actress and singer
1958 – Andie MacDowell, American model and actress
1958 – Michael Zarnock, American author
1959 – Tim Jacobus, American illustrator and painter
1970 – Nicole Sullivan, American comedic actress
1971 – Michael Turner, American comic book author and illustrator (died in 2008)
1979 – James McAvoy, Scottish actor

April 21 History

753 BC – Romulus and his twin brother Remus founded Rome.

1509 – Henry VIII ascended the throne of England.

1878 – The first U.S. firehouse pole was installed in New York City by Capt. David B. Kenyon at Engine Company 21.

1895 – Woodville Latham and his sons, Otway and Gray, demonstrate the “Panopticon” – the first movie projector developed in the United States.

1918 – Above the Somme River in France, Baron Manfred von Richthofen, the Red Baron, was killed by Allied fire, either by an air fight or from the ground.

1930 – 320 people died, and another 130 were seriously injured in a prison fire at the Ohio State Penitentiary.

1951 – #1 Hit April 21, 1951 – June 22, 1951: Les Paul and Mary Ford – How High The Moon

1956 – #1 Hit April 21, 1956 – June 15, 1956: Elvis PresleyHeartbreak Hotel

1962 – At the Seattle World’s Fair, Seattle’s Space Needle Restaurant opened.

1962 – #1 Hit April 21, 1962 – May 4, 1962: Elvis PresleyGood Luck Charm

1973 – #1 Hit April 21, 1973 – May 18, 1973: Tony Orlando and DawnTie a Yellow Ribbon Round the Ole Oak Tree

1977 – Broadway Show – Annie (Musical) April 21, 1977

1979 – #1 Hit April 21, 1979 – April 27, 1979: Amii StewartKnock on Wood

1981 – “Weird Al” Yankovic made his first national television appearance on The Tomorrow Show with Tom Snyder

1984 – #1 Hit April 21, 1984 – May 11, 1984: Phil CollinsAgainst All Odds (Take a Look at Me Now)

1986 – Geraldo Rivera hosted a live, highly promoted two-hour syndicated special The Mystery of Al Capone’s Vault.
They found nothing.

1989Field of Dreams and Pet Sematary were released in theaters.

1990 – #1 Hit April 21, 1990 – May 18, 1990: Sinead O’ConnorNothing Compares 2 U

1990 – Cartoon All-Stars to the Rescue aired, a special program that warned children about the dangers of drugs and featured characters from several Saturday morning children’s shows, was simulcast by ABC, BET, CBS, Fox, NBC, USA Network, and Nickelodeon.

1992 – The first discoveries of planets outside of our solar system (two planets orbiting the pulsar PSR 1257+12) were announced by astronomers Alexander Wolszczan and Dale Frail.

1995While you Were Sleeping debuted in theaters.

2000 – U-571 was released in theaters.

2004Man on Fire debuted in theaters

2007 – #1 Hit April 21, 2007 – May 4, 2007: Timbaland featuring Nelly Furtado and Justin TimberlakeGive It To Me

#1 Hit April 21, 2018 – May 18, 2018: Drake – Nice for What

April 21, 2011 – (fiction) The day Skynet became self-aware and attacked the human race. Terminator, Film

Today’s Random Trivia and Shower Thoughts

“Good advice is not often served in our favorite flavor.” – Tim Fargo

Oscar Wilde – Real Name: Sebastian Melmoth

Scientists still aren’t completely sure how acetaminophen works.

No one ever reads instruction manuals, but everyone watches YouTube how-to videos. We were all just waiting for the movie.

“Let’s never come here again because it would never be as much fun. – Charlotte in Lost in Translation  #moviequotes

“I put my cat in the kettle what will I do? There’s a little boy stuck with Daniel Boone” #misunderstoodlyrics

Human settlement of Mars will necessitate the creation of a parallel 24.7-hour clock and 687-day calendar.

“Let’s Get Together” by Haley Mills is the shortest Billboard Top Ten Hit, with a playing time of 1:28.

Useless Pronunciation: E as in ewe

“Lily” was the salesgirl who informs customers about AT&T’s sharing plans, played by Milana Vayntrub

The name of The Simpsons’ creator, Matt Groening, is pronounced Matt “Graining”, not Matt “Growning”.

50% of Canada is the letter A.

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