September 29 in Pop Culture History

September 29th Fun Facts, Trivia and History

September 29th History Highlights

  • 1829 – Scotland Yard began activity.
  • 1907 – The cornerstone was laid at the Cathedral Church of Saint Peter and Saint Paul (Washington National Cathedral) in Washington, DC.
  • 1988NASA launched Discovery (STS-26), the first mission since the Challenger disaster.
  • September 29, 1996 – Nintendo 64 released, Video Game Console
  • If you were born on September 29th,
    You were likely conceived the week of… January 6th (same year)

September 29th is…

Biscotti Day
Confucius Day
Coffee Day
Mocha Day

Scotland Yard

While “Scotland Yard” is a name that may invoke the image of a typical officer patrolling the streets of London, its history is way deep and goes back to the 19th century. Unsurprisingly, it’s full of controversies and misnomers. For a force that does not have its roots in Scotland, it does seem interesting to find out how the name even came about.

In 1829, when the London police force was first established, they managed to take over the old watchmen system. Only ten years later, they also replaced and took over the Bow Street Patrols.

However, the name “Scotland Yard” came from the yard of a private house, occupied by Colonel Richard Mayne and Charles Rowan, the two men responsible for organizing the new force. The house previously hosted royalty from Scotland on their frequent visits to London.

Initially, the Scotland Yard staff was only responsible for protecting those in power. They were also responsible for public affairs, personnel management, and community patrols at large. However, sometimes the local population assumed them to be spies due to their shady dressing.

One of the very first blows to its reputation came in 1877 when a few officers were found to be involved in a betting scheme with criminals. Therefore, a restructuring proposal was soon submitted to repair the damage to the force’s reputation. This also resulted in the creation of the CID (Criminal Investigation Department).

One of the most popular cases the force dealt with was of “Jack the Ripper” between 1888 and 1891. The serial killer was known to lure women into having sex with him and would later slit their throats. More recently, or we can say 16 years ago, the force faced another challenge to their reputation during the 2005 London Bombings Investigation.

The officers fatally shot a civilian, mistaking him for a suicide bomber. Hence, it’s safe to say that the Scotland Yard forces have always had somewhat of a questionable reputation but have still managed to hold a place for themselves in popular culture.

September 29th Birthday Quotes

“Never underestimate the joy people derive from hearing something they already know.”
– Enrico Fermi

“A cowboy never takes unfair advantage, even of an enemy.”
– Gene Autry

“When you can’t wait for your ship to come in, you’ve got to row out to it.”
– Greer Garson

“We respect the dignity and the rights of every man and every nation. The path to a brighter future of the world leads through honest reconciliation of the conflicting interests and not through hatred and bloodshed. To follow that path means to enhance the moral power of the all-embracing idea of human solidarity.”
Lech Walesa

“In order to attain the impossible, one must attempt the absurd.”
– Miguel de Cervantes

September 29th Birthdays

1547 – Miguel de Cervantes, Spanish novelist, poet, and playwright (died in 1616)
1786 – Guadalupe Victoria, Mexican general and politician, 1st President of Mexico (died in 1843)
1899 – László Bíró, Hungarian-Argentinian inventor, invented the ballpoint pen (died in 1985)
1901 – Enrico Fermi, Italian-American physicist, Nobel Prize laureate (died in 1954)
1904 – Greer Garson, English-American actress (died in 1996)
1907 – Gene Autry, American singer, actor (died in 1998)
1913 – Trevor Howard, English actor (died in 1988)
1913 – Stanley Kramer, American director, and producer (died in 2001)
1931 – Anita Ekberg, Swedish-Italian model, and actress (died in 2015)
1935 – Jerry Lee Lewis, American singer-songwriter and pianist
1942 – Madeline Kahn, American actress (died in 1999)
1943 – Lech Walesa, Polish electrician, and politician, 2nd President of Poland, Nobel Prize laureate

September 29th History

480 BC – Battle of Salamis: The Greek fleet under Themistocles defeats the Persian fleet under Xerxes I. This was a few weeks after the famous Battle of Thermopylae (with King Leonidas and the 300 Spartans).

1829 -Scotland Yard went on patrol for the first time.

1938 – Hitler, Benito Mussolini, Daladier & Chamberlain signed the Treaty of Munich. Contrary to some overly optimistic high hopes, it did not prevent World War II.

1957 – Kyshtym Disaster at Plutonium Production Plant, USSR

1958 – #1 Hit September 29, 1958 – November 9, 1958: Tommy Edwards – It’s All in the Game

1960My Three Sons debuted on ABC.

1963The Judy Garland Show debuted on CBS

1963 – Rolling Stones 1st tour, opening for Bo Diddley and The Everly Brothers.

1966 – The Chevrolet Camaro was introduced.

1969 – Love American Style premiered on ABC.

1973 – #1 Hit September 29, 1973 – October 5, 1973: Grand FunkWe’re an American Band

1975 – Singer Jackie Wilson had a heart attack on stage, resulting in a 9-year coma. (He died in 1984)

1979 – Gold hit $400/ounce for the first time.

1982Cheers premiered on NBC.

1984 – #1 Hit September 29, 1984 – October 12, 1984: Prince and The RevolutionLet’s Go Crazy

1985 – The first of seven cyanide-laced Tylenol victims died. This event is what made manufacturers begin using tamper-proof packaging.

1988- The space shuttle Discovery was launched- the first since the Challenger disaster.

1989 – Zsa Zsa Gabor was convicted of slapping a police officer in Beverly Hills. The assault occurred on June 14, 1989.

1990 – #1 Hit September 29, 1990 – October 5, 1990: Nelson (Can’t Live Without Your) Love And Affection

1990 – Millie’s Book, written by 1st Lady Barbara Bush, about the president’s dog, a best-selling non-fiction book, was released.

1992Magic Johnson came out of retirement to play for the Los Angeles Lakers after retiring less than a year earlier. He retired again in 1996.

1994 – The 304 jurors and alternate jurors were chosen for O.J. Simpson’s murder trial.

September 29, 1996 – Nintendo 64 released, Video Game Console

2001- Yu-Gi-Oh! premiered on Kid’s WB

2007 – #1 Hit September 29, 2007 – November 9, 2007: Kanye WestStronger

2008 – The Dow Jones Industrial Average fell 777.68 points, the largest single-day point loss by that time in history.

2012 – #1 Hit September 29, 2012 – November 30, 2012: Maroon 5One More Night

#1 Hit September 29, 2018 – November 16, 2018: Maroon 5 featuring Cardi B – Girls Like You

Today’s Random Trivia and Shower Thoughts

Earth must be the universe’s number one radio drama.

US President #19 Rutherford B. Hayes (1877-1881) Was the first President to have a telephone. His wife, Lucy, was the first president’s wife to be called First Lady of the Land

Richard Branson, the founder of Virgin Atlantic Airways, joined the so-called “Mile High Club” at age 19. #TMI

Han Solo was frozen at the end of ESB because they didn’t know if Harrison Ford would agree to do the next movie.

A strawberry is not actually a berry, but a banana is.

The most dipped into sauce is ketchup. The most dipped item is chips. Yet not many people have dipped their chips in ketchup, even though everyone has dipped fries into ketchup.

The Capital of Latvia is Riga

“Welcome to Costco, I love you.” #moviequotes

A costumer on “The Wizard of Oz” bought the coat for Frank Morgan’s Professor Marvel character at a resale shop. Once it got to the costume department, a tag was discovered on the inside of the coat that read “Property of L. Frank Baum.”

“What! Oh hell No! Hold up… Huh? Oh, ok.” #TVQuotes

Wolverine was Weapon Ten, and Weapon 2 was a “Squirrel with Wolverine’s Adamantium skeleton, claws, intelligence, and healing factor, plus all the things you wish Wolverine had, like a bushy tail and a cool visor”.

There is a theory that we are living in a parallel universe due to the spelling of the children’s books The Berenstain Bears. #berenstein

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