Strange and Unusual Candies

From Yum To Yuck, A Look At Some Of The Oddest Candy!

For many of us when we think of the word candy, our mouths begin to water and we begin to acknowledge that oh so familiar feeling of needing to satisfy our sweet tooth, as that’s what candy is supposed to be …sweet! While the majority of candies, even the sour stuff, are still crafted with sugar, some candy that has been launched on the market over the years is anything but sweet. Some are downright disgusting and others are just plain odd. Who needs Peeps flavors like Hot Tamale, Pancakes with Syrup, or Candy Corn? Below you can find a list of some of the more strange candy we have discovered over the years.

Candy Cigarettes 

Candy cigarettes are still currently being made to this day, despite the fact that the United States has twice attempted to ban the sale of them back in 1970 and 1991. It was thought that the candy cigarettes which are crafted to look like actual cigarettes would encourage young children to smoke. They actually taste similar to chalk dust and many people feel they are the world’s worst tasting candy, even taking the title away from candy corn, which is another candy that people either hate or adore.

Pop Rocks

This odd candy consists of tiny sugar pieces that explode when put in your mouth. To create the effect, pressurized carbon dioxide bubbles are embedded in each piece of candy, which is what creates the popping sensation when they mix with the saliva inside your mouth. Pop Rocks are a fun candy, but certainly a bit on the odd side. 

Candy Canes

While candy canes themselves are not so odd, as a traditional candy cane is generally a red and white, peppermint flavored sugar stick. It is the new flavor twists over the years that raise some eyebrows. Those newer flavors include bacon, pickle, Oreo, coffee, and most recently Mac & Cheese! EWW!


What is odd about PEZ candy is that the dispensers in which the candies are housed are more sought after than the candy itself. Over 3 billion PEZ candy are consumed each year and the dispensers which feature various cartoon and pop culture figures have become major collector items. There are over 550 different dispensers and one original from the 1950’s sold for over $11,000 on eBay in 2000. They hold PEZ conventions and the fan base even has their own name: PEZHeads.


Lightning Bug, Maggot, and Body Part Gummies- We have to group the odd assortment of various gummy candies that exist into one group because we could easily write an entire article just based on the odd array of gummy candy available on the market today.

There is everything from lightning bug gummies that “light up” when you pick them up using a set of tweezers with a light that shines through the gummy (sound like a lot of work to us) to gummies that resemble maggots (yuck!). There are also gummies made to look like various body parts such as brains, kidneys, heart as well as gummy bacon, gummy alien butts, boogers, and gummy worms. What is wrong with just sticking to those cute little bears?


Are the candy or gum? To be honest no one really knows! Kids love them as they do come in delicious fruit flavors, but after chewing them up for a bit they turn into a rather lame piece of flavorless chewing gum. They might even be worse than Fruit Stripe gum, which loses its flavor in mere seconds. Razzles will forever remain a mystery but still have a dedicated fan base.


If there was ever a candy we could bring back this would be the one! Why, oh, why did it have to disappear? There have even been online petitions to bring back this oddly addictive candy that featured a two flavor combination which was fruity on the outside and a flavored fruity filling on the inside. Their commercials during the 1980s were especially memorable and the thought of them immediately sparks up nostalgia. Nabisco originally made the candy, but currently, other manufacturers are trying to replicate the original, but so far have had no luck!

Wax Bottle Candy

This candy is a bottle-shaped form of wax that contains a so-called fruit-flavored liquid that you are supposed to suck out of the bottle by biting off the tip. These are not only messy but once the minuscule amount of flavored liquid is gone you are left with nothing but a sticky waxy bottle to chew on, which you are not supposed to eat! This candy literally makes no sense.

Atomic Fireballs and Lemonheads

Why would you want to put yourself through the torture of these candies? One is so hot with a cinnamon flavor your mouth becomes an inferno and the other is so sour your lips may stay puckered for hours! These are not treats! They are odd little torture devices.

Wasabi Kit-Kats

Japan is well-known for having some rather odd flavors of Kit-Kat (which are normally chocolate wafer candies here in the U.S.) such as Baked Potato, Soy Sauce, Cherry Blossom, Blueberry Cheesecake, Soybean and Brandy and Orange. We think that Wasabi definitely takes the cake on the oddest flavor. As spicy as Wasabi can be, this cannot possibly taste good in candy form.

Sour Flush Toilet Lollipops

These lollipops come in a toilet shaped dispenser and are crafted to look like a plunger sticking up from the bowl. Enough said, no further explanation needed!

Bertie Botts Every Flavor Beans (and some flavors of Jelly Belly Jelly Beans)

Love them or hate them Jelly Beans have been around for quite some time and show no signs of going anywhere anytime soon. Now, in addition to your typical fruit flavors Bertie Botts, inspired by Harry Potter, features jelly beans in disgusting flavors such as soap, grass, dirt, black pepper, earwax, vomit, and even rotten egg. Taste at your own risk! The additional odd Jelly Belly flavors include draft beer, buttered popcorn, pancakes and maple syrup, habanero pepper, chili mango, barbeque banana, and Tabasco to name only a few.