September 15 in Pop Culture History

September 15th Fun Facts, Trivia and History

September 15th History Highlights

  • 1830 – The first National Convention for Blacks was held in Bethel Church, Philadelphia, PA.
  • 1851 – Saint Joseph’s University is founded in Philadelphia.
  • September 15, 1892 Birthday (fictional) C. Montgomery Burns, The Simpsons
  • 1971 – Greenpeace was founded in Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada.
  • 1982 – USA Today began publication.
  • If you were born on September 15th,
    You were likely conceived the week of… December 23rd (prior year)


Greenpeace was founded in 1973 after a number of activists traveled the world on an old fishing boat, Phyllis Cormack, in protest against the planned underground nuclear tests by the US. Greenpeace has been collecting donations since its inception and checking all major donations to ensure they do not receive unwanted donations. Any donations from political parties that finance the foundation, which receives the bulk of its funding from its governments and intergovernmental organizations, have been rejected.

The organization was founded by a group of students, with the initial protests, incidentally, focusing on the US military’s ending of nuclear tests in North Korea. The effort was unsuccessful, but the act had enough impact on the media to eventually prevent the United States from testing more atomic bombs there. Takeaway: The organization’s first protest, in which they sailed across the Atlantic to stop a nuclear bomb test in the Pacific off the coast of South Korea, was successful.

This was the beginning of a later international movement by Greenpeace and led to the comprehensive Test Ban Treaty, which was adopted by the United Nations in 1996. In 1971, the newly formed Wave Committee (not called Wave) chartered a ramshackle old fishing boat in Vancouver and set out to oppose the US atomic bomb attempts off Amchitka, Alaska. A

September 15th is…

Creme de Menthe Day
Greenpeace Day
Linguine Day
Make a Hat Day
Online Learning Day

September 15th Birthday Quotes

“This is not just about women. We men need to recognize the part we play, too. Real men treat women with the dignity and respect they deserve.”
– Prince Harry

“Don’t ever, ever, ever give up, because you’re here for a reason, even if it’s just to laugh at cats on the internet.”
– Jenna Marbles

“Nobody knows what another person is thinking. They may imagine they do, but they are nearly always wrong.”
– Agatha Christie

“The will to prepare, the guts to risk, and the desire to be the best. These are trademarks of champions.”
– Dan Marino

“Pro and con are opposites, that fact is clearly seen. If progress means to move forward, then what does congress mean?”
– Nipsey Russell

September 15th Birthdays

1852 – Edward Bouchet, American physicist, and educator (died in 1918)
1857 – William Howard Taft, American politician, 27th President of the United States (died in 1930)
1881 – Ettore Bugatti, Italian-French businessman, founded Bugatti (died in 1947)
1889 – Robert Benchley, American humorist and newspaper columnist (died in 1945)
1890 – Agatha Christie, English crime novelist, short story writer, and playwright (died in 1976)
1903 – Roy Acuff, American singer-songwriter and fiddler (died in 1992)
1907 – Fay Wray, Canadian-American actress, Hollywood’s first Scream Queen (died in 2004)
1918 – Nipsey Russell, American comedic actor (died in 2005)
1922 – Jackie Cooper, American actor (died in 2011)
1927 – Norm Crosby, American comedic actor
1946 – Tommy Lee Jones, American actor
1946 – Oliver Stone, American director, screenwriter, and producer
1961 – Dan Marino, American football player, and sportscaster
1984 – Prince Harry, Duke of Sussex
1986 – Jenna Marbles, American YouTuber

September 15th History

September 15, 1787, George Washington and 54 friends drank at his farewell diner: 54 bottles of Madeira, 60 bottles of wine, 8 bottles of whiskey, 22 bottles of ale, 8 bottles of cider, 12 jugs of beer, and 7 bowls of punch (around $17,000 currently). It was a “going away party” before he went off for beggir and better things. Two days later he signed the Constitution.

September 15, 1892 Birthday (fictional) C. Montgomery Burns, The Simpsons, TV

1949 – The Lone Ranger premiered on ABC-TV, starring Clayton Moore.

1959 – Soviet Premier Khrushchev arrived in the U.S. for an unprecedented visit.

1962 – #1 Hit September 15, 1962 – October 19, 1962: The Four Seasons – Sherry

1963 – A church bombing in Birmingham, Alabama, killed four young black girls. After decades of delay, Robert Chambliss, Herman Cash, Thomas Blanton, and Bobby Cherry were said to have been responsible for the crime.

1965 – The Big Valley debuts on ABC while Lost in Space debuted on CBS.

1965 – Lost in Space and Green Acres premiered on CBS.

1965 – Gidget and The Big Valley premiered on ABC

1965 – I Spy debuted on NBC

1971 – Columbo, starring Peter Falk, debuted on NBC.

1980 – Shogun, a TV miniseries, starring Richard Chamberlain, began airing on NBC.

1981 – Pope John Paul II published his encyclical “Laborem exercens” criticizing both Marxism and Capitalism.

1982 – The first issue of USA Today, published by Gannett, hit the newsstands and newspaper vending machines.

1984 – The Muppet Babies premiered on CBS.

1989NASA published a comprehensive report on house plants that are best for cleaning indoor air pollution.

1990 – #1 Hit September 15, 1990 – September 28, 1990: Wilson Phillips – Release Me

1990 – The Christian Broadcasting Network (CBN) renamed itself The Family Channel

1990 – Captain Planet and the Planeteers debuted on TBS

2004 – The National Hockey League lockout began, canceling the 2004-2005 season.

2007 – #1 Hit September 15, 2007 – September 28, 2007: Soulja Boy – Crank That (Soulja Boy)

Today’s Random Trivia and Shower Thoughts

Is Elastigirl’s hair stretchy?

“The secret to enjoying your job is to have a hobby that’s even worse” – Bill Watterson

All of my failed relationships have one thing in common: the other person thought I could read their mind.

Wedding photographers, I know you all have a secret album of people looking sad & despondent at weddings. I’m on to you.

Nothing has ever been ‘the best thing since sliced bread’ or the saying would have been updated by now.

“Freedom’s just another word for nothing left to lose.” #songlyrics

The band that is now known as Coldplay initially called themselves “Pectoralz”.

Elton John – Real Name: Reginald Kenneth Dwight

“Wherever you go, there you are.” – Buckaroo Banzai #moviequotes

There are no cellular phones in “Back to the Future II”. My childhood was a lie.

Kenny Rogers’ song “The Gambler” is essentially saying the secret to life is to always know the right decision to make.

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