November 3 in Pop Culture History

November 3rd History, Trivia, and Fun Facts

November 3rd History Highlights

  • “Dewey Defeats Truman” #fakenews headline from November 3, 1947
  • 1906 – The “SOS” distress signal was adopted, and in place as of July 1, 1908.
  • 1969 – PBS (Public Television) began in the US
  • 1992 – The Nunavut Territory was approved in Canada.
  • If you were born on November 3rd,
    You were likely conceived the week of… February 10th (same year)

Sadie Hawkins Day

Sadie Hawkins Day is an American folk event and ‘holiday’ originated by Al Capp’s comic strip, Li’l Abner. Sadie Hawkins was the daughter of Hekzebiah Hawkins. The “homeliest gal in all them hills” she hadn’t found a man to marry. When she reached the age of 35, her father called together all the unmarried men of Dogpatch and declared it “Sadie Hawkins Day”.
It is a traditional gender role-reversal occasion, and many schools held dances when the ladies could ask the young men to the dance.

November 3rd is…

Give Someone a Dollar Day. You can give the dollar to someone who looks to be in need, or to anyone that you think should have it.
National Housewife Day
Sadie Hawkins Day (traditional, also celebrated on February 29th)
Sandwich Day, celebrating John Montegue’s birthday. He is credited with inventing the sandwich.

November 3rd Birthday Quotes

“When ah fires my gun, all o’ yo’ kin start a-runnin! When ah fires agin- after givin’ yo’ a fair start- Sadie starts a runnin’. Th’ one she ketches’ll be her husbin’.”
– Hezekiah Hawkins

“Somewhere, over the rainbow, way up high,
There’s a land that I heard of once in a lullaby.
Somewhere, over the rainbow, skies are blue,
And the dreams that you dare to dream
Really do come true.”
– Judy Garland as “Dorothy Gale” in The Wizard of Oz, first shown on TV on November 3, 1956

“At Ragnarok the world as we know it will be destroyed. But that is not the end. After a long time, a time of healing, a new universe will be created, one better and cleaner and free from the evils of this world. It too will last for countless millennia… until again the forces of evil and cold contend against the forces of goodness and light… and again there is a time of rest, followed by a new creation and another chance for men. Nothing is ever finished, nothing is ever perfect, but over and over again the race of men gets another chance to do better than last time, ever and again without end.”
– Robert A. Heinlein

November 3rd Birthdays

1718 – John Montague (credited as the creator of the sandwich in 1762)
1793 – Stephen Fuller Austin (a founder of Texas, died in 1836)
1900 – Adolf Dassler, German businessman (founded Adidas, died in 1978)
1921 – Charles Bronson, American actor (died in 2003)
1933 – John Barry, English-American composer and conductor (died in 2011)
1933 – Ken Berry, American actor, singer, and dancer (died in 2018)
1933 – Michael Dukakis, American lawyer, academic, and politician (65th Governor of Massachusetts)
1948 – Lulu, Scottish Singer/Songwriter, and actress
1949 – Anna Wintour, English-American journalist
1952 – Roseanne Barr, American comedian, actress, and producer
1953 – Kate Capshaw, American actress, and producer
1953 – Dennis Miller, American comedian, producer, and talk show host
1954 – Adam Ant (Stuart Leslie Goddard), English Singer/Songwriter and actor
1954 – Kathy Kinney, American actress, and comedian
1955 – Phil Simms, American football player, and sportscaster
1957 – Dolph Lundgren, Swedish actor, director, producer, screenwriter, and martial artist
1957 – Gary Olsen, English actor (died in 2000)
1987 – Colin Kaepernick, American football player
1989 – Paula DeAnda, American Singer/Songwriter and actress
1995 – Kendall Jenner, American television personality and model

Public Broadcasting Service (PBS)

PBS is headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia, outside Washington, DC> It was fonded on November 3, 1969, and launced on October 5, 1970.

PBS is technically not a network, but it provides television content and related services to its member stations. Each station handles it’s own programming local content such as news, interviews, cultural, and public affairs programs for their regional market or state that uses content provided by PBS and other public television distributors.

It is a nonprofit organization and the largest provider of educational television programming to public television stations in the US.

November 3rd History

1838 – The Times of India, the world’s largest circulated English language daily broadsheet newspaper was founded as The Bombay Times and Journal of Commerce.

1863 – US patent for an antifouling paint for ships’ hulls was issued to J.G. Tarr and A.H. Wonson (# 40515) for copper oxide, tar, and naptha mixture. It helped keep ships free from barnacles growing on the hull.

1868 – First black US Congressman was elected (Republican John Willis Menard, Louisiana)

1906 – International Radio Telecommunications Com adopted “SOS” – international Morse code distress signal (· · · – – – · · ·) – as the new call for help.

1913 – The USA introduced a permanent income tax, although the US federal government imposed the first, although temporary, personal income tax, on August 5, 1861, to help finance the Civil War.

1930 – Bank of Italy became the Bank of America National Trust and Savings Association, now known as the Bank of America.

1952 – Clarence Birdseye marketed frozen peas. He had started freezing fresh fish in the 1920s.

1955 – Carlton Schwerdt and F.L. Schaffer crystallized the poliovirus. Their research laid the groundwork for the polio vaccine.

1947 – Howard Hughes piloted his huge wooden airplane, the Spruce Goose on its only flight, which lasted about a minute, over Long Beach Harbor in California.

1951 – #1 Hit November 3, 1951 – December 14, 1951: Tony Bennett – Cold, Cold Heart

1954 – The first Godzilla film was released and marks the first appearance of the character.

1956 – #1 Hit November 3, 1956 – December 7, 1956: Elvis Presley – Love Me Tender

1956 – The Wizard of Oz was shown on television for the first time, on CBS. Although a moderate success when released theatrically in 1939, it is now recognized as the most-watched film in television history.

1957 – Sputnik 2 was launched, with the first live animal sent into space, a Siberian husky dog named Laika (‘barker’ in Russian).

1962 – #1 Hit November 3, 1962 – November 16, 1962: The Crystals – He’s a Rebel

1975Good Morning America premiered on ABC (David Hartman & Nancy Dussault). The initial show was called AM America, which started on January 6, 1975.

1978 – First broadcast of Diff’rent Strokes on NBC. The series starred Gary Coleman and Todd Bridges as Arnold and Willis Jackson. Dana Plato performed as Kimberly Drummond.

1979 – #1 Hit November 3, 1979 – November 9, 1979: M – Pop Muzik

1983 – The Nashville Network (TNN) started on cable TV. The channel evolved to Spike TV in 2003.

1984 – #1 Hit November 3, 1984 – November 16, 1984: Billy Ocean – Caribbean Queen (No More Love on the Run)

1988 – Talk-show host Geraldo Rivera’s nose was broken as Roy Innis brawled with skinheads at a TV taping. He did not press charges, claiming that he did not wish to be “tied up with the roaches” and also said that “if there ever was a case of deserved violence, this was it.”

1990 – #1 Hit November 3, 1990 – November 9, 1990: Vanilla Ice – Ice Ice Baby

2000 – William Shepherd, Sergei Krikalev, and Yuri Gidzenko entered the ISS (International Space Station)

2001 – #1 Hit November 3, 2001 – December 14, 2001: Mary J. Blige – Family Affair

2014 – One World Trade Center (also known as the Freedom Tower, 1 World Trade Center, One WTC, and 1 WTC) officially opened.

Today’s Random Trivia and Shower Thoughts

TV Quotes… “Never assume …” (Felix Unger) on The Odd Couple

‘We finish each other’s sentences’ = ‘we’re rude and interrupt each other constantly’

If oceanographers ever found a Kraken, they would put it in an aquarium. Then an animal activist group would start a mob outside with signs saying “Release the Kraken!”

The first appearance of Boba Fett was in The Star Wars Holiday Special.

The only chance for world peace between all of humanity is if extraterrestrials attacked us. #IforonewelcomeourEToverlords

LL Cool J stands for Ladies Love Cool James.

The next time Matt Damon gets stuck somewhere in a movie, they need to send Jason Bourne to get him.

Gangnam Style has received approximately the same amount of views in 4 years as Shakespeare sold copies of his literature in 450 years.

The Capital of Germany is Berlin

A group of Pelicans is called a Pod.

The world is not getting dumber. It’s just easier for dumb people to get their thoughts heard.

The noise from snapping your fingers is from your finger hitting your hand.

Every puzzle piece you sift through to find the one you are looking for, will at some point be the one you are looking for. #somethingtothinkabout

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