June 8 in Pop Culture History

June 8 Fun Facts, Trivia and History

June 8 History Highlights

  • 1789 – James Madison introduces twelve proposed amendments (Bill of Rights) to the United States Constitution in Congress.
  • 1912 – Universal Pictures was founded by Carl Laemmle.
  • 1949 – George Orwell’s Nineteen Eighty-Four was published.
  • 1953 – The United States Supreme Court ruled in District of Columbia v. John R. Thompson Co. that restaurants in Washington, D.C., cannot refuse to serve black patrons.
  • If you were born on June 8th,
    You were likely conceived the week of… September 15th (prior year)

Jelly-Filled Donut Day

The doughnut, as it is called by some people and to be more specific the donut or olykoeck if you are Dutch. It came from a word that means “oily cake” in Dutch but now we use it for deep-fried pieces of dough (or batter) with all sorts of toppings like jelly or custard injected inside. The two most common types I say there are flattened sphere ones which have been injected with what they call ‘jelly’ these days though back then when this food was first created many would go into shops asking specifically for an ‘Oltyoeck”.OLYKOECK

The first record of a jelly doughnut appeared in the Polish translation (Kuchmistrzostwo) of a German cookbook published in 1532

June 8 is…

Best Friends Day
Chicken Tetrazzini Day
Jelly-filled Doughnut Day

June 8 Birthday Quotes

“The good building is not one that hurts the landscape, but one which makes the landscape more beautiful than it was before the building was built.”
– Frank Lloyd Wright

“The only thing I know is that we came from the stars and that we have the same material as the stars. That’s all that I know. Everything else I don’t know.”
– Sonia Braga

“So many people release albums before Christmas and they get lost in the Christmas rush.”
– Bonnie Tyler

“I wish I could tell you it gets better. It doesn’t get better. YOU get better.”
– Joan Rivers

“Everyone’s always telling you to be humble. When was the last time someone told you to be great?”
– Kanye West

“Never go for the punch line. There might be something funnier on the way.”
– Jerry Stiller

June 8 Birthdays

1867 – Frank Lloyd Wright, American architect (died in 1959)
1910 – C.C. Beck, American comic book illustrator (died in 1989)
1927 – Jerry Stiller, American comedic actor (died in 2020)
1933 – Joan Rivers, American comedian, actress, and television host (died in 2014)
1936 – James Darren, American actor
1950 – Sônia Braga, Brazilian actress
1951 – Bonnie Tyler, Welsh singer-songwriter
1957 – Scott Adams, American author and illustrator, Dilbert creator
1958 – Keenen Ivory Wayans, American actor, director, and screenwriter
1977 – Kanye West, American rapper and producer

June 8 History

Muhammad, the Islamic prophet, died in Medina.

René Descartes published Discourse on Method of Rightly Conducting the Reason and Seeking Truth in the Sciences.

(Volcano Eruption) Laki, Iceland, killed over 9,000 over a period of months; 120 million tons of sulfur dioxide was spewed into the Northern Hemisphere. This caused a 7-year worldwide famine.

Ives W. McGaffney of Chicago obtained the patent (#91,145) for a “sweeping machine”

An Act of Congress authorized the first US postcard.

Theodore Roosevelt signed the Antiquities Act into law, authorizing the President to restrict the use of certain parcels of public land with historical or conservation value.

Mount Fairweather – 15,325 ft (4,671 m) – Alaska, USA/British Columbia, Canada – First ascent: June 8, 1931, by Allen Carpé and Terris Moore

The element 93, neptunium (Np), was announced by Edwin M. McMillan and Philip H. Abelson, working at the University of California at Berkeley.

Texaco Star Theater (later The Milton Berle Show) was first broadcast on NBC

Helen Keller, Dorothy Parker, Danny Kaye, Fredric March, John Garfield, Paul Muni and Edward G. Robinson (and others) were named in an FBI report as Communist Party members.

The FBI reported notable Hollywood elite as communists, including John Garfield, Paul Robeson, Paul Muni, and Edward G. Robinson.

(Tornado) Flint, Michigan

The US Supreme Court ruled that restaurants in Washington, DC, could not refuse to serve black patrons.

#1 Hit June 8, 1957 – July 12, 1957: Pat Boone – Love Letters In The Sand

National Football League (NFL) and American Football League (AFL) announced they would merge.

Founder Brian Jones quit The Rolling Stones. He died a month later, at age 27. #27club

#1 Hit June 8, 1974June 14, 1974: Paul McCartney and Wings – Band on the Run

The first triplets resulting from in-vitro fertilization, Aaron, Jessica, and Chiara Guare, were born at the Flinders Medical Centre in Adelaide, Australia.

#1 Hit June 8, 1985June 21, 1985: Tears for Fears – Everybody Wants to Rule the World

Charles Freeman, the owner of E-C Records store in Fort Lauderdale, Florida, was charged with illegally selling the ‘legally obscene’ 2 Live Crew’s ‘As Nasty As They Wanna Be’ to an undercover officer.

#1 Hit June 8, 1991 – June 14, 1991: Extreme – More Than Words

Today’s Random Trivia and Shower Thoughts

As an occupation, US President has one of the highest assassination rates of any job. 9%.

It’d be funny if the final puzzle of an episode of Wheel of Fortune had the answer “Nestle.” #rstlne

“Life is pain, Highness. Anyone who says differently is selling something.” – The Man in Black #moviequotes

Maybe vampires only suck your blood for Vitamin D because they can’t go out in the sun themselves.

The original Ferris wheel made $726,850.50 at 50¢ a ride during the 1893 Chicago World’s Columbian Exposition.

The only vowel sound in the word “ouija” is “e”, but it is spelled with every other vowel.

PEZ Collectors are called PezHeads.

The mom from the “Monkeys on the Bed” story should have her monkeys taken away from her.

“I’m your number one fan. There’s nothing to worry about. You’re going to be just fine. I’m your number one fan.” – Misery #moviequotes

“Wait a minute, wait a minute. You ain’t heard nothin’ yet!” Jakie Rabinowitz/Jack Robin (Al Jolson) #moviequotes

A group of Buffalo is called a Herd or Troop or Gang or Obstinacy.

“Be respectful to your superiors, if you have any.” – Mark Twain

Fingernails aren’t disgusting until they’re clipped.

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