Pop Culture Trivia Quiz: 1932

What Happened In 1932?

32 Trivia Questions and Answers for 1932 History

1. Opened in 1932, what is the “no speed limit” highway (in some areas) in Germany?
The Autobahn

2. In 1932, what was the average life expectancy in the United States?
Men – 61.0 years, Women – 63.5 years.

3. Who was the Olympic gold-winning champion who starred in the 1932 film, Tarzan the Ape Man?
Johnny Weissmuller

4. What was the highest-grossing film of 1932?
Shanghai Express

5. How much did a Loaf of Bread cost in 1932?
7 cents

6. How much did a Gallon of Milk cost 1932?
42 cents

7. What was the Bestselling Fiction Book in 1932?
The Good Earth by Pearl S. Buck

8. What was the Biggest Number One Song of 1932?
(tie) Night and Day by Fred Astaire and Leo Reisman OR In a Shanty in Old Shanty Town by Ted Lewis

9. What was the average household income in 1932?

10. What performance enhancement did the Ford Motor company affordably offer in some new vehicles?
Ford Motor Company announced its V8 engine.

11. What popular animated talking dog first appeared in 1932?
Goofy (Disney)

12. Forrest Mars created what candy bar in 1932?
The Mars Bar

13. Starring Paul Muni as Antonio “Tony” Camonte, what gangster film was remade in 1983?

14. Who won the Stanley Cup in 1932?
In 1932, The Toronto Maple Leafs won over the New York Rangers (3 games to none)

15. Starring Greta Garbo, Lionel Barrymore, Joan Crawford and others, it was the first “All-Star” film. What was it?
Grand Hotel

16. What cosmetics, skincare, fragrance, and personal care company opened on March 1, 1932?

17. How many people lived in the United States in 1932?
The population was an estimated 124,840,471 people.

18. Released in 1932, this Marx Brothers movie featured Grouch as “Quincy Adams Wagstaff”. What is the name of the film?
Horse Feathers

19. What was Hattie W. Caraway the first woman to become?
She was the first woman elected to the United States Senate (Arkansas).

20. Who was President of the United States in 1932?
Herbert Hoover (March 4, 1929 – March 4, 1933)

21. They called it “The Crime of the Century” and it happened on March 1, 1932. What was it?
The Lindbergh Kidnapping

22. Who did NOT debut their own radio show in 1932: Fred Allen, Jack Benny, Burns and Allen or Al Jolson?
Burns and Allen

23. Who won the March 8, 1932, Democrat New Hampshire presidential primary?
Franklin D. Roosevelt (Herbert Hoover won the Republican primary)

24. What reusable metal lighter (cigarettes, cigars) company opened in 1932?

25. What company used the slogan: “Snap! Crackle! Pop!”?
Kellogg’s Rice Krispies

26. How much did a gallon of gas cost in 1932?
18 cents per gallon

27. How much did a Ford Roadster cost in 1932?
base $460, coupe at $490, convertible sedan for $650.

28. How much did a dozen eggs cost in 1932?
30 cents

29. Who was the Time Magazine Man of the Year in 1932?
Franklin D. Roosevelt

30. What dystopian novel by Aldous Huxley, was first published?
Brave New World

31. Who won the 1932 World Series?
In 1932, The New York Yankees won, beating the Chicago Cubs (4 games to 0)

32. What did Babe Ruth do in the fifth inning of game 3 of the 1932 World Series, just before a home run?
His famous “Called Shot” – he pointed where the ball would go (over centerfield) when he hit it.

Trivia Team Bonus Questions:

1. Held in Lake Placid, NY, United States, how many medals did the US win in the 1932 Winter Olympics?
6 Gold, 4 Silver, 2 Bronze.

2. Held in Los Angeles, CA, United States, how many medals did the US win in the 1932 Summer Olympics?
41 Gold, 32 Silver, 30 Bronze.

3. What Horse won the Kentucky Derby in 1932?
Burgoo King

4. Debuting on November 7, 1932, what was the first science fiction program on the radio?
Buck Rogers in the 25th Century

5. Although the child was not returned alive, how much ransom was paid in the Lindbergh kidnapping case?
$50,000. The body of Charles Lindbergh, Jr was found 10 weeks after the kidnapping.

6. Who was the Pope in 1932?
Pope Pius XI, February 6, 1922February 10, 1939

7. What is the longest on-going annual film festival?
The Venice Film Festival (Venice International Film Festival)

8. Walt Disney’s Flowers and Trees, was the first animated cartoon to be presented in what color process?

9. Who was the American Vice-President in 1932?
Charles Curtis (March 4, 1929 – March 4, 1933)

10. What did The Revenue Act of 1932 tax?
Fuel (gasoline)