Pop Culture Trivia Quiz: 1929

What Happened In 1929?

29 Trivia Questions and Answers for 1929 History

1. What happened on October 28, 1929?
The Wall Street Crash (Black Monday) The Dow Jones Industrial Average plunged nearly 13 percent.

2. What was the Biggest Number One Song of 1929?
Tip Toe Through The Tulips – Nick Lucas

3. What famous New York museum opened on November 7, 1929?
MOMA – Museum of Modern Art

4. In 1929, what was the average life expectancy in the United States?
Men -55.8 years, Women – 58.7 years.

5. What was the highest-grossing movie of 1929?
The Broadway Melody

6. What was the average household income in 1929?

7. What was the name of the Marx Brothers’ first movie?
The Cocoanuts

8. How many people lived in the United States in 1929?
The population was an estimated 121,767,000 people.

9. What mass-produced products made from celluloid were first produced by Sam Foster and sold in Atlantic City, New Jersey?

10. What famous ‘sailor man’ comic strip and cartoon character debuted on January 17, 1929?
Popeye the Sailor

11. What was the Bestselling Fiction Book in 1929?
The Bridge of San Luis Rey by Thornton Wilder

12. In 1929, Clarence Birdseye introduced “flash freezing” to the American public. What did he make by flash-freezing?
Frozen Foods

13. What well-known Mexican artists were married on August 29, 1929?
Frida Kahlo and Diego Rivera

14. Animators of Koko the Clown, Betty Boop, Popeye the Sailor and Superman, what studio was Disney’s biggest rival from the 1920s through the 1930s?
Fleischer Studios

15. How much did a Loaf of Bread cost in 1929?
9 cents

16. Author J.M. Barrie donated the copyrights of what character to the Great Ormond Street Hospital in London in perpetuity?
Peter Pan

17. Who was President of the United States in 1929?
Calvin Coolidge (August 2, 1923March 4, 1929) and Herbert Hoover (March 4, 1929 – March 4, 1933)

18. The Convention relative to the Treatment of Prisoners of War, signed on July 27, 1929, is known as what?
The Geneva Convention

19. Who won the Stanley Cup in 1929?
In 1929, The Boston Bruins won over the New York Rangers (2 games to none)

20. What major league baseball player was the first to hit 500 home runs in his career?
Babe Ruth

21. At the first Academy Awards, what won the “Best Picture” of 1927/28?

22. What organization was in danger of failure from being run by ‘flapdoodlers’, according to former British Prime Minister David Lloyd George?
The League of Nations. The league formally dissolved on April 20, 1946.

23. One of the most important and prestigious automobile races in the world began in 1929. What is it?
Monaco Grand Prix

24. How much did an average Ford Model A cost in 1929?
$495 (Town Car $1400)

25. How much did a gallon of gas cost in 1929?
$0.21 per gallon

26. What famous event took place on February 14, 1929, in Chicago’s north side?
The Saint Valentine’s Day Massacre. Seven reputed gangsters were killed.

27. What company used the slogan: “The pause that refreshes”?
Coca Cola

28. Who won the 1929 World Series?
In 1929, The Philadelphia Athletics won, beating the Chicago Cubs (4 games to 1)

29. A newspaper comic strip adaptation of what Edgar Rice Burroughs character was first published on January 7, 1929?

Trivia Team Bonus Questions:

1. What property was established via the Lateran Treaty, answering “The Roman Question”?
Vatican City

2. What Horse won the Kentucky Derby in 1929?
Clyde Van Dusen

3. Unaccustomed As We Are was the first sound comedy short film starring what comedy duo, released on May 4, 1929?
Stan Laurel and Oliver Hardy

4. What leading Marxist Soviet politician was exiled from the U.S.S.R. by Joseph Stalin?
Leon Trotsky

5. Who was the Pope in 1929?
Pope Pius XI, February 6, 1922February 10, 1939

6. What fictional character is a reporter and adventurer who travels around the world with his dog Snowy?
Tintin, by Belgian cartoonist Hergé

7. Who was the Time Magazine Man of the Year in 1929?
Owen D. Young

8. Who was the American Vice-President in 1929?
Charles G. Dawes (March 4, 1925 – March 4, 1929) and Charles Curtis (March 4, 1929 – March 4, 1933)

9. Prior to the Wall Street Crash, The Dow Jones Industrial Average peaked at what number?
381.17, a number not reached again until November 1954.

10. What famous office got its own telephone in 1929?
The Oval Office, in the Whitehouse.