National Cookie Day

National Cookie Day Is December 4th

It’s time to celebrate National Cookie Day, and what better way than with a taste of the world’s best cookies? The term “cookie” comes from the Dutch language, which means “small cake.” When referring to these sweet delights that were originally savory or bitter rather than decadent as they are today, the word “cookie” originated.

Cookies arrived in Europe in the 14th century, and they first appeared in America in the 17th century. American cookie consumers loved macaroons and gingerbread early on. In the 19th century, sugar cookies became immensely popular.

Cookie history isn’t just about how and when these little cakes entered our lives. It’s also about who invented them and where they came from. The Italians created biscotti, which is a twice-baked cake that can be dipped in wine! Germans developed gingerbread and Scandinavians perfected crisp krumkake waffles. These hard and crunchy treats were so well received because their ingredients were readily available to them at the time.

Biscotti are popular today as well, especially during holidays like Christmas. They are known by different names around the world, though you’ll most likely hear biscotti referred to as either “cookie” or “ladyfinger.” With all of the different types of cookies in the world, there’s something for everyone to enjoy!

National Cookie Day is a great opportunity to try out a new recipe or revisit an old favorite. Whether you like your cookies soft and chewy or hard and crunchy, there’s a recipe out there that will make your taste buds happy. So get in the kitchen and start baking! Who knows, you might just create the next bestselling cookie recipe. Happy National Cookie Day!

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Happy National Cookie Day! Today is a day to celebrate all things cookies

Over the year’s bakers have experimented with many different varieties of cookies and they have been broken down into various categories such as Bar cookies, Drop cookies, Filled Cookies, Molded cookies, No-bake cookies, Pressed cookies, Refrigerator cookies, Rolled cookies, and Sandwich cookies.

Everyone surely has a favorite! To celebrate the day, perhaps a trip to your local bakery is in order, or even better spend some time with the family today breaking out Grandmas’s recipe book and baking some tried and true favorites. 

PCM’s Top Ten Cookies:

1. Chocolate chip cookies
2. Oreos
3. Peanut butter cookies
4. Sugar cookies
5. Oatmeal raisin cookies
6. White chocolate macadamia cookies
7. “No-Bake” cookies
8. Shortbread cookies
9. Butter cookies
10.Molasses cookies
*Arguably, Brownies count as cookies in some regions!