August 27 in Pop Culture History

August 27th History, Trivia and Fun Facts August 27th History Highlights 1776 – In what is now Brooklyn, New York, British forces under General William Howe defeated Americans under General George Washington in The Revolutionary War’s Battle of Long Island.. 1859 – Petroleum was discovered in Titusville, Pennsylvania leading to the world’s first commercially successful… Read More

August 22 in Pop Culture History

August 22nd History, Trivia and Fun Facts August 22nd History Highlights 1851 – The first America’s Cup was won by the yacht ‘America’. America’s Cup is the oldest international sporting trophy. 1864 – Twelve nations signed the First Geneva Convention, establishing the rules of protection of the victims of armed conflicts. 1945 – The Vietnam… Read More

August 20 in Pop Culture History

August 20th History, Trivia and Fun Facts August 20th History Highlights 1920 – The first(?) commercial radio station, 8MK (now WWJ), began operating in Detroit. 1920 – The National Football League was organized as the American Professional Football Conference in Canton, Ohio. 1986 – In Edmond, Oklahoma, U.S. Postal employee Patrick Sherrill shot and killed14… Read More

August 8 in Pop Culture History

August 8th History, Trivia and Fun Facts August 8th History Highlights August 8, 1953 Birthday (fictional) Samuel Beckett, Quantum Leap, TV 1962 – Sabado Gigante premiered on Chilean television. It concluded in 2015. 1963 – England’s Great Train Robbery, near Mentmore in Buckinghamshire, England, £2.6 million was stolen. 1978 – featured the first appearance of… Read More

August 6 in Pop Culture History

August 6th History, Trivia and Fun Facts August 6th History Highlights 1890 – The first electrocution as the death penalty was carried out in Auburn, NY. William Kemmler was executed for murdering his common-law wife, Matilde Ziegler. August 6, 1921 Birthday (fictional) Lucy Ricardo, I Love Lucy, TV 1926 – Gertrude Ederle became the first… Read More

Shark Trivia

Shark Trivia! Mothers only get a day but sharks get a whole week! There are over 370 species of sharks in the world. Sharks have upper and lower eyelids but do not blink. Shark Week is one of television’s biggest annual events, on The Discovery Channel each August. Female sharks can become pregnant without any… Read More

August 5 in Pop Culture HIstory

August 5th History, Trivia and Fun Facts August 5th History Highlights 1305 – William Wallace, who led the Scottish resistance against England, was captured, tried, and executed by the English near Glasgow. 1583 – Sir Humphrey Gilbert established the first English colony in the New World, in (now) Newfoundland’s St. John’s harbor. August 5, 1924… Read More

August 4 in Pop Culture History

August 4th History, Trivia and Fun Facts August 4th History Highlights 1693 – This date is traditionally ascribed to Dom Perignon’s invention of champagne. 1821 – The Saturday Evening Post is published for the first time as a weekly newspaper. It is now published periodically throughout the year. 1892 – Andrew Jackson Bordon, along with… Read More

August 3 in Pop Culture History

August 3rd History, Trivia and Fun Facts August 3rd History Highlights 1492 – Christopher Columbus sailed from Palos de la Frontera, Spain, with the Nina, Pinta, and Santa Maria. 1852 – In the first American intercollegiate athletic event, Harvard University won the first Boat Race between Yale University and Harvard. 1946 – Santa Claus Land,… Read More

August 1 in Pop Culture History

August 1st History, Trivia and Fun Facts August 1st History Highlights 1834 – Slavery was abolished in Jamaica 1944 – The last entry for Anne Frank’s diary 1969 – The Zodiac Killer’s letters arrived at several San Fransisco newspapers. The killer was never caught. 1990 – Tim Berners-Lee and Robert Cailliau created the prototype HTML… Read More

August History in Pop Culture

August History, Trivia and Fun Facts August Highlights August was named to honor Roman emperor, Augustus Caesar (63 BC – 14 AD) August Flowers: Gladiolus and the Poppy Birthstone: Peridot Leo (July 23–August 22) Virgo (August 23–September 22) Marvel’s Thor (Journey into Mystery #83 & Amazing Spider-Man (Amazing Fantasy #15) debuted August Quotes “Shall I… Read More