1969 Top Ten Music Charts

1969’s Biggest Artists and Songs Jose Feliciano (1968 Best New Artist Grammy Winner, presented in 1969) Jose is best known for his instrumental version of The Door’s Light My Fire and 1970’s Feliz Navidad. Glen Campbell (Grammy for 1968 Album of the Year) Mrs. Robinson – Simon and Garfunkle (1968 Grammy for Record of the… Read More

About Music of the 1960s

About Music of the Sixties: Things You Need To Know In 1960, New Orleans was the place to be apparently. Hits included Johnny Horton’s The Battle of New Orleans, Freddy Cannon’s Way Down Yonder In New Orleans, Gary US Bond’s New Orleans and Walking To New Orleans by Fats Domino scored in Billboard’s charts. Chubby… Read More

1964 Top Ten Music Charts

1964’s Biggest Artists and Songs The Swingle Singers (1963 Best New Artist Grammy Winner for Bach’s Greatest Hits – Best Performance by a Chorus). Although you may have never heard of them, there is an ensemble currently still making music. (website) Barbra Streisand (1963 Grammy for Album of the Year & Best Female Vocal Performance)… Read More

1960 Top Ten Music Charts

1960’s Biggest Artists and Songs Frank Sinatra (1959 Grammy for Album of the Year & Best Male Vocal Performance, presented in 1960) Come Dance With Me was Mr. Sinatra’s best selling album of his career, and stayed on Billboard’s Pop album chart for 140 weeks, peaking at #2. Mack The Knife – Bobby Darin (1959… Read More

1967 Top Ten Music Charts

1967’s Biggest Artists and Songs Frank Sinatra (1966 Grammy for Album of the Year) Strangers In The Night (1966 Grammy for Record of the Year) The Strangers in the Night Album reached # 1 on the Billboard Charts and was the only Frank Sinatra (non-hits compilation) album to sell over a million copies. New Artists… Read More

Top 100+ Oldies 1959-1963

Oldies: Pre-Beatles The post-50s-pre-Beatles brought an amazing and often under-estimated, even forgotten, selection of quality popular music. This Era of Pop Music brought us the Girl Groups, Phil Spectre and the post-do-wop sound of rock and roll. After this era, the Beatles changed music again. Oldies – 1959-1963/4 The Top Instrumentals 1959-1963/4 1. Yakety Sax… Read More

1960s Phrases

Some phrases from the 1960s that no one uses anymore….. A Gas: A Lot of Fun Ankle Biter: A Baby or Small Child Ape: Gone Wild Bad: Awesome Bag: To Steal Ball: To party. Later meaning Intercourse Beat Feat: Leave in a hurry Blast: A great time Blitzed: Drunk Bogart: To hog something Book: Leave… Read More