1960s Phrases

Some phrases from the 1960s that no one uses anymore….. A Gas: A Lot of Fun Ankle Biter: A Baby or Small Child Ape: Gone Wild Bad: Awesome Bag: To Steal Ball: To party. Later meaning Intercourse Beat Feat: Leave in a hurry Blast: A great time Blitzed: Drunk Bogart: To hog something Book: Leave… Read More

1969 Grammy Award Winners

1969 Grammy Award Winners Winners Announced: March 12, 1969 Televised “Best On Record” May 5, 1969 Held at: Chicago, Los Angeles, Nashville & New York Opening/Closing: Rowan and Martin Eligibility Year: November 2, 1967 – November 1, 1968 1969 Grammy Winners Record of the Year: Mrs. Robinson – Simon and Garfunkel Album of the Year:… Read More