Top 100+ Oldies 1959-1963

Oldies: Pre-Beatles The post-50s-pre-Beatles brought an amazing and often under-estimated, even forgotten, selection of quality popular music. This Era of Pop Music brought us the Girl Groups, Phil Spectre and the post-do-wop sound of rock and roll. After this era, the Beatles changed music again. Oldies – 1959-1963/4

1962 Grammy Award Winners

1962 Grammy Award Winners Winners Announced: May 29, 1962 Held at: Chicago, Los Angeles and New York Host: Frank Sinatra Eligibility Year: December 1, 1960 – November 30, 1961 1962 Grammy Winners Record of the Year: Moon River, Henry Mancini Album of the Year: Judy at Carnegie Hall, Judy Garland (Capitol) Song of the Year:… Read More

1962 Oscars 34th Academy Awards

1962 Oscars 34th Academy Awards Winners Announced: April 9, 1962 Held at: Santa Monica Civic Auditorium, Santa Monica, California Host: Bob Hope Eligibility Year: 1961 The Parent Trap – TrailerWatch this video on YouTube Sophia Loren became the first actress to win an acting Oscar for a non-English-speaking role. West Side Story and Judgment at… Read More