What happened in 1943

What happened in 1943? Pop Culture Quiz! 43 Trivia Questions for 1943 History 1. Starring two monster characters, with established films, this was the first major crossover release. Name the characters. Frankenstein Meets the Wolfman 2. During World War II, the National Football League merged Philadelphia Eagles and the Pittsburgh Steelers into a single franchise.… Read More

1943 Oscars 15th Academy Awards

1943 Oscars 15th Academy Awards Winners Announced: March 4, 1943 Held at: Cocoanut Grove, The Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California Host: Bob Hope Eligibility Year: 1942 Irving Berlin presented the Academy Award for Best Song, which he ended up winning for “White Christmas”. Best Documentary category resulted in a four-way tie, an outcome that has… Read More