Staker Songs

Songs About Stalking Do you really listen to the words of that song you’ve been singing in the car? This List includes those whiney “I-miss-my-girl-I-miss-my-guy-I’m-gonna-kill-myself” pop songs as well. Upon completing the list, we notice that the rock band, the Police are by far the most stalker-oriented band with 3 songs in the top 25!… Read More

Sea Store Cigarettes

Sea Store Cigarettes It’s no secret to us old salts that our survival kits usually included a pack of Lucky Strike or Camel cigarettes. Sometimes the packs were so old, the paper would have turned a dark yellow. In 1965, first during the U.S. Army’s Basic Training Course & later in Pre-Airborne Infantry Training, while… Read More

Rufus Buck Gang

Rufus Buck Gang July 6th is the anniversary of the hanging of the Rufus Buck Gang- four black and Indian teens who tried to singlehandedly, violently halt the expansion of the burgeoning United States. You’ve never heard of them, but they stand among the most notorious and politically significant outlaws of the Old West. The… Read More