Repetitive Words Singers Use

Words Singers Are Most Associated With

Repetitive Words and Phrases Used Too Often
Words Singers Use -Often, Apparently. As Suggested by Pop Culture Madness Visitors! If we were to describe singers by the words and phrases they use the most, this would be the list!

*Not be confused with “Oversinging” or “Yelling (Belting)” while you sing… we’re looking at you, Christina Aguilera, Michael Bolton, Mariah Carey, Kelly Clarkson, Céline Dion, Ariana Grande, Whitney Houston, Michael McDonald, and Katy Perry.
Air Supply “Love”
Ashanti – “Baby”
Axl Rose – “Ohh!”
Backstreet Boys – “Heart”
Beach Boys – “Surf”
Beyonce – “Baby” and “U”
Billy Corgan – “Here”
Billy Idol – “C’Mon!”
Black Eyed Peas – “A**”
Blur – “Woo Hoo”
Bon Jovi – “My Life”
Britney Spears – “Baby”
Bruce Springsteen – “River”
Culture Club – “Child”
Dave Matthews – “All”
Davy Jones – “Girl”
David Lee Roth – “Girls”
Duran Duran – “TV”
Eddie Vedder – “Why”
Elton John – “Night”
Eminem – “A**”
Eminem – (shortened) “Firetruck”
Gene Simmons – “Yeah!”
James Brown – “Get”, “Get Up”, “HEH! Ow!”
James Hetfield – “Yeah – heh!”
Jewel – “You” and “Fragile”
John Lennon – “Me” and “I”
John ‘Cougar’ Mellencamp – “Town”
Justin Bieber – “Baby”
Kenny Rogers – “Lady”
Lionel Richie – “Lady”
Michael Jackson – “C’Mon!”
Mick Jagger – “Bee-bay”
Nelly – “Uhhnn!”
Ne-Yo – “Sexy”
Paul McCartney – “Love”
Prince – “Wet”
Queen – “One”
R. Kelly – “Hotel”
Ramones – “Wanna”
Reba McEntire – “Down the Hall”
Robert Plant (Led Zeppelin) – “Ohhhh!”
Sean Paul – “Yo”
Shakira – “Olé”
Steve Perry – “Hold On”
Stevie Wonder – “See”
Styx – “Time”
Train – “Atmosphere”
Tupac – “Enemy”
2Unlimited – “No”
Usher – “Relationship”
Will Smith – “What?”
(Young) Rascals – “Ecstacy”