1980 History, Fun Facts and Trivia

1980 History, Fun Facts and Trivia

Quick Facts from 1980:

  • The Miracle On Ice: At the 1980 Winter Olympics in Lake Placid, New York, the US men’s hockey team amazed the world (and themselves) by beating the Soviet Union.
  • The Top Song was Lady by Kenny Rogers
  • The Movies to Watch include Airplane!, Coal Miner’s Daughter, Flash Gordon, The Elephant Man, The Blues Brothers, The Shining and The Empire Strikes Back
  • The Most Famous Person in America was probably John Lennon
  • Notable books include: Cosmos by Carl Sagan and The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum
  • Price of a loaf of bread in 1980: 50 cents
    Price of a gallon of gas in 1980: $1.22
    Etch-A-Sketch: $4.97
    Rubick’s Cube: $9.99
  • The Comeback Funny Guy was: Redd Foxx
    The Funny Late Night Host: Johnny Carson
    The Funny Duo were: Cheech and Chong
  • The Conversation: Who Shot J.R, on CBS-TV’s Dallas?

Top Ten Baby Names of 1980:
Jennifer, Amanda, Jessica, Melissa, Sarah, Michael, Chris, Topher, Jason, David, James

The Hotties, Sex Symbols, and Fashion Icons:
Loni Anderson, Susan Anton, Barbara Bach, Catherine Bach, Kim Basinger, Valerie Bertinelli, Jacqueline Bisset, Christie Brinkley, Lynda Carter, Charo, Lydia Cornell, Sybil Danning, Bo Derek, Morgan Fairchild, Farrah Fawcett, Jane Fonda, Erin Gray, Shelly Hack, Debbie Harry, Goldie Hawn, Marilu Henner, Lauren Hutton, Cheryl Ladd, Olivia Newton-John, Stevie Nicks, Dolly Parton, Bernadette Peters, Victoria Principal, Tanya Roberts, Diana Ross, Jane Seymour, Brooke Shields, Jacquelyn Smith, Suzanne Somers, Donna Summer, Cheryl Tiegs, Charlene Tilton, Mary Woronov

Hollywood Hunks and Leading Men:
Richard Gere, Christopher Reeve, Burt Reynolds, John Travolta

“The Quotes:”
“Pardon me, do you have any Grey Poupon? ”
-Grey Poupon

“Who Shot JR?”
– Fans of CBS’s Dallas television series

“Here’s Johnny!”
– Jack Nicholson, in ‘TheThe Shining’

“You dipstick”
– Sheriff Rosco P. Coltrane on The Dukes of Hazzard

Striker: “Surely you can’t be serious?!”
Rumack: “I am serious… and don’t call me Shirley.”
– Robert Hays and Leslie Nielsen, in ‘Airplane!’

“No, I am your father” (NOT Luke, I am your father)
-Darth Vader, to a surprised Luke Skywalker

“Cinderella story. Outta nowhere. A former greenskeeper, now, about to become the Masters champion. It looks like a miracle…It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole! It’s in the hole!”
– Bill Murray, in ‘Caddyshack’

Time Magazine’s Man of the Year:
Ronald Reagan

Miss America:
Cheryl Prewitt (Ackerman, MS)

Miss USA:
Shawn Weatherly (South Carolina) /Jineane Ford (Arizona)

The Scandals and Rock Star Deaths:
Rock Star Murder: John Lennon was shot and killed by a “fan”, Mark David Chapman.
John Lennon and Mark Chapaman

Rock Star Deaths: John Bonham (alcohol poisoning), Bon Scott (drunk, choked on own vomit)

Pop Culture News:
Computer modem invented.

There has been some debate about 3M’s Post-it notes. The product was used in a marketing campaign in 1978 as ‘Post N Peel’ , and sold nationally in 1980 as ‘Post-it Notes.’ New products are in ‘test mode’ all the time. We say 1980.

Whole Foods was founded in Austin, Texas.

CNN began broadcasting from Atlanta, Georgia

Cost of a Superbowl ad in 1980: $222,000

Doomsday Clock: 7 minutes to midnight, according to the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists.
1980: Thirty-five years after the start of the nuclear age and after some promising disarmament gains, the United States and the Soviet Union still view nuclear weapons as an integral component of their national security. This stalled progress discourages the Bulletin: “[The Soviet Union and United States have] been behaving like what may best be described as ‘nucleoholics’–drunks who continue to insist that the drink being consumed is positively ‘the last one,’ but who can always find a good excuse for ‘just one more round.'”

The Habits:
Rubik’s Cube, Pac-Man, Centipede (arcade), Reading The Official Preppy Handbook

Guessing ‘who shot J.R.?’ (it was Kristin Shepard, played by Mary Crosby)

1st appearances & 1980’s Most Popular Christmas gifts, toys and presents:
Rubik’s Cube, Magna doodle

Popular and Notable Books From 1980:
A Confederacy of Dunces by John Kennedy Toole
The Bourne Identity by Robert Ludlum
Cosmos by Carl Sagan
The Covenant by James A. Michener
The Devil’s Alternative by Frederick Forsyth
Ender’s Game by Orson Scott Card
The Fifth Horseman by Larry Collins and Dominique Lapierre
Firestarter by Stephen King
God Emperor of Dune by Frank Herbert
Jailbird – Kuty Vonnegut
The Key to Rebecca by Ken Follett
Midnight’s Children by Salmon Rushdie
Princess Daisy by Judith Krantz
Rage of Angels by Sidney Sheldon
Random Winds by Belva Plain
Smiley’s People by John le Carre
The Spike by Arnaud de Borchgrave and Robert Moss

Broadway Show – 42nd Street (Musical) Opened on August 25, 1980 and Closed: January 8, 1989

Broadway Show – Amadeus (Play) Opened on December 17, 1980 and Closed: October 16, 1983

Best Film Oscar Winner:
Kramer vs. Kramer (presented in 1980)

The Bomb (Movie):
Heaven’s Gate starring Kris Kristofferson, Christopher Walken, Jeff Bridges, John Hurt, Sam Waterston, Joseph Cotten, Mickey Rourke, and Willem Dafoe

The Big Movies: (according to boxofficemojo)
1. The Empire Strikes Back
2. 9 to 5
3. Stir Crazy
4. Airplane!
5. Any Which Way You can
6. Private Benjamin
7. Coal Miner’s Daughter
8. Smokey and the Bandit II
9. The Blue Lagoon
10. The Blues Brothers

1980 Most Popular TV shows:
1. Dallas (CBS)
2. The Dukes of Hazzard (CBS)
3. 60 Minutes (CBS)
4. M*A*S*H (CBS)
5. The Love Boat (ABC)
6. The Jeffersons (CBS)
7. Alice (CBS)
8. House Calls (CBS)
9. Three’s Company (ABC)
10. Little House on the Prairie (NBC)

1980 Billboard Number One Songs
December 22, 1979 – January 4, 1980:
Escape (The Pina Colada Song) – Rupert Holmes

January 5 – January 18:
Please Don’t Go – KC and the Sunshine Band

January 19 – February 15:
Rock With You – Michael Jackson

February 16 – February 22:
Do That To Me One More Time – Captain & Tennille

February 23 – March 21:
Crazy Little Thing Called Love – Queen

March 22 – April 18:
Another Brick in the Wall (Part II) – Pink Floyd

April 19 – May 30:
Call Me – Blondie

May 31 – June 27:
Funkytown – Lipps Inc.

June 28 – July 18:
Coming Up (Live At Glasgow) – Paul McCartney & Wings

July 19 – August 1:
It’s Still Rock and Roll to Me – Billy Joel

August 2 – August 29:
Magic – Olivia Newton-John

August 30 – September 5:
Sailing – Christopher Cross

September 6 – October 3:
Upside Down Diana Ross

October 4 – October 24:
Another One Bites the Dust – Queen

October 25 – November 14:
Woman in Love – Barbra Streisand

November 15 – December 26:
Lady – Kenny Rogers

December 27, 1980 – January 30, 1981:
(Just Like) Starting Over – John Lennon

1980 United States Census:
Total US Population: 226,542,199
1. New York, New York – 7,071,639
2. Chicago, Illinois – 3,005,072
3. Los Angeles, California – 2,966,850
4. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania – 1,688,210
5. Houston, Texas – 1,595,138
6. Detroit, Michigan – 1,203,339
7. Dallas, Texas – 904,078
8. San Diego, California – 875,538
9. Phoenix, Arizona – 789,704
10. Baltimore, Maryland – 786,775

World Series Champions: Philadelphia Phillies
Superbowl XIV Champions: Pittsburgh Steelers
NBA Champions: Los Angeles Lakers
Stanley Cup Champs: New York Islanders
U.S. Open Golf Jack Nicklaus
U.S. Tennis: (Men/Ladies) John McEnroe/Chris Evert Lloyd
Wimbledon (Men/Women): Bjorn Borg/Evonne Cawley
NCAA Football Champions: Georgia
NCAA Basketball Champions: Louiseville
Kentucky Derby: Genuine Risk