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United States Patents 1806

Gears02United States Patents 1806

Bryant, Ebenezer on January 13, 1806
#X000654 rowing machine BOATING

Goodwin, Samuel and Gains, Richard on January 22, 1806
#X000655 balance pendulum lock TOOLS

Gookins, Richard on January 24, 1806
#X000656 machine for making bats or frames for wool hats INDUSTRIAL

Thompson, Cephas on February 5, 1806
#X000657 machine for copying charts, landscapes, etc. MECHANICAL

Bennet, Philip on February 8, 1806
#X000658 loom for weaving chip INDUSTRIAL

Finn, William on February 13, 1806
#X000659 spring pump for raising water INDUSTRIAL

Morrison, Michael on February 14, 1806
#X000660 machine for picking oakum FARMING

Richards, George on February 14, 1806
#X000661 machine for making dough FOOD

Burr, Theodore on February 14, 1806
#X000662 bridges INDUSTRIAL

Hawkins, Joseph on February 19, 1806
#X000663 planing machine INDUSTRIAL

Hawkins, Samuel on February 19, 1806
#X000664 improvement in gun carriages ARMS

Eveleth, John on February 21, 1806
#X000665 machine for raising mud INDUSTRIAL

Newton, Israel on February 28, 1806
#X000666 medicine called the essence of tansy MEDICINE

Gould, John F. on March 1, 1806
#X000667 machine for making brick INDUSTRIAL

Howell, Richard on March 5, 1806
#X000668 suspenders INDUSTRIAL?

Arnold, Thomas on March 5, 1806
#X000669 evaporation INDUSTRIAL

Dickey, Samuel on March 7, 1806
#X000670 stoves HOUSEHOLD

Gould, John F. on March 8, 1806
#X000671 tilt hammers TOOLS

Mott, Joseph S. on March 8, 1806
#X000672 joining and planing machine TOOLS

Gaines, Richard on March 17, 1806
#X000673 balance pendulum lock MECHANICAL

Purden, William on March 19, 1806
#X000674 hoisting machine TOOLS

Youle, George on March 21, 1806
#X000675 cabouse INDUSTRIAL

Mack, Elisha on March 21, 1806
#X000676 dressing flax INDUSTRIAL

Pettibone, Daniel on March 22, 1806
#X000677 preparing and welding cast steel to iron or other steel for tools INDUSTRIAL

Kennion, John on March 26, 1806
#X000678 fulling mill and washing machine INDUSTRIAL

Guild, Abner on March 31, 1806
#X000679 carding machine to form batts for wool hats TOOLS

Payn, Stephen on March 31, 1806
#X000680 machine for splitting skins or neats’ leather TOOLS

Tripe, Richard on April 1, 1806
#X000681 diving machines INDUSTRIAL

Quintard, Isaac on April 5, 1806
#X000682 cyder and bark mills INDUSTRIAL

Heavin, John on April 17, 1806
#X000683 propelling boats BOATING

Heavin, John on April 17, 1806
#X000684 machine for cutting straw TOOLS

Quinby, Joseph on April 25, 1806
#X000685 saw mills INDUSTRIAL

Hubbel, Ephraim on May 1, 1806
#X000686 water wheels for mills INDUSTRIAL

Varle, Charles on May 2, 1806
#X000687 reducing calcareous matters into lime SCIENCE

Edwards, John on May 19, 1806
#X000688 steelyard INDUSTRIAL

Edwards, John on May 19, 1806
#X000689 scale beams and balances TOOLS

Youle, George on May 21, 1806
#X000690 cabouse stove, apparatus for cooking and distilling HOUSEHOLD/INDUSTRIAL

Copper, John on May 22, 1806
#X000691 windmills INDUSTRIAL

Gridley, James on May 23, 1806
#X000692 boxes for carriage wheels TRANSPORTATION

Swift, Beriah on May 25, 1806
#X000693 machine for shearing cloth INDUSTRIAL

Wing, Abner on May 26, 1806
#X000694 churn INDUSTRIAL

Buck, Reuben on May 29, 1806
#X000695 washing machine HOUSEHOLD/INDUSTRIAL

Brown, Levi on May 30, 1806
#X000696 boxes for carriage wheels TRANSPORTATION

Smith, Standfast on June 12, 1806
#X000697 extracting salt from sea water SCIENCE

Smith, Standfast on June 13, 1806
#X000698 facilitating the process of extracting salt from sea water SCIENCE

Smith, Standfast on June 13, 1806
#X000699 facilitating the process of extracting salt from sea water SCIENCE

McCombs, Solomon and Smith, Joseph & Galpin, Benjamin D. on June 24, 1806
#X000700 filtering impure water, wine, etc. INDUSTRIAL/SCIENCE

Harwood, William on July 3, 1806
#X000701 making pantiles INDUSTRIAL

Selden, Roger on July 7, 1806
#X000702 perpendicular boring machine TOOLS

Cutting, Nathaniel on July 14, 1806
#X000703 machine for facilitating the spinning of rope yarn INDUSTRIAL

Bedford, John on July 16, 1806
#X000704 making boots and shoes MECHANICAL

Mills, Zachariah on July 17, 1806
#X000705 swing cradle HOUSEHOLD

Wadsworth, William on July 17, 1806
#X000706 anti-stream boat BOATING

Woodsend, Thomas on August 7, 1806
#X000707 cover for buildings called artificial slate or tile INDUSTRIAL

Cutting, Nathaniel on August 14, 1806
#X000708 apparatus for improving the quality of cables TOOLS/INDUSTRIAL

Carrendeffez, Baron Alexis on September 2, 1806
#X000709 improvement whereby a beautiful yellow paint may be prepared SCIENCE

Morgan, John Titus on October 9, 1806
#X000710 machine for raising vessels out of water to repair them BOATING/INDUSTRIAL

Dexter, George Barber on October 9, 1806
#X000711 apparatus for the sublimation of sulphur TOOLS

Wightman, James Pountrey on October 21, 1806
#X000712 mixture to render all kinds of woollen cloth water proof SCIENCE

Tullock, William on October 28, 1806
#X000713 screens for freeing grain from dirt, seeds, etc. TOOLS

Dawson, Jonas on November 6, 1806
#X000714 suspenders INDUSTRIAL?

Deneale, James on December 4,1806
#X000715 perpetual oven INDUSTRIAL

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire. Not all have been consolidated into the new list.
They have been researched and are called “X-Patents” when found. Not all have been consolidated into the new list.
Officially patents of this era have an “X” at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case.
Research online often put the “x” in the front of the number, and we have used that system.
Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.

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