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United States Patents 1804

Gears04United States Patents 1804

Miller, Nathaniel and Miller, Philip W. on January 5, 1804
#X000513 machine for making brick and tile by cutting the mortar INDUSTRIAL

Beatty, Leonard on January 19, 1804
#X000514 improvement in stills or boilers INDUSTRIAL/BOOZE

Ross, Talmage on January 23, 1804
#X000515 “double draught fire place” HOUSEHOLD

Benger, Thomas on January 25, 1804
#X000516 improvement in preparing quercitron or black oak bark for exportation or home consumption, for dying or other uses MEDICINE

Wigton, William on January 30, 1804
#X000517 improvement in the construction of stills and the process of distilling spirits BOOZE

Evans, Oliver on February 14, 1804
#X000518 improvement called the screw mill for breaking and grinding different hard substances TOOLS

Evans, Oliver on February 14, 1804
#X000519 “improvement in steam engines, by the application of a new principle by means of strong boilers to retain and confine the steam, thereby increasing the heat in the water, which increases the elastic power of the steam to a great degree” INDUSTRIAL

Staples, John, Jr. on February 17, 1804
#X000520 improvement in wheels to be moved either by wind or water & for the purpose of giving motion to all kinds of machinery, mills, engines, carriages, ships, boats, etc. INDUSTRIAL

Wood, Israel on February 21, 1804
#X000521 “in setting stills and other large kettles” INDUSTRIAL/BOOZE

Barnett, Thomas on February 21, 1804
#X000522 machine for threshing and cleaning grain FARMING

Pierce, Thomas on February 21, 1804
#X000523 smut fanning mill INDUSTRIAL

Hopkins, William W. on February 24, 1804
#X000524 improvement in hanging window sashes HOUSEHOLD

Dyer, William B. on February 27, 1804
#X000525 spinning wheel and twisting mill for the purpose of making cordage INDUSTRIAL

Worrell, Jacob on February 27, 1804
#X000526 machine for hulling clover seed FARMING/INDUSTRIAL

Dean, Daniel S. on February 29, 1804
#X000527 machine for washing cloths, scouring, fulling and cleansing cloth HOUSEHOLD/INDUSTRIAL

Miller, Daniel M. on March 5, 1804
#X000528 improvement in air or bellows pumps for raising water INDUSTRIAL

Robertson, Archibald on March 5, 1804
#X000529 mode of preparing marble for painting on INDUSTRIAL

Miller, Daniel M. on March 8, 1804
#X000530 improvement in window fastenings or springs for fastening and supporting sash-lights HOUSEHOLD

Lord, Samuel P., Jr. on March 10, 1804
#X000531 improvement in extinguishing fires in houses INDUSTRIAL

Smith, Moses on March 16, 1804
#X000532 machine for watering cattle ANIMALS

Gilman, Ward and Jackson, William on March 19, 1804
#X000533 improvement in the bedstead, so constructed that it may be taken down and removed by one person in case of fire or on other occasions with much ease and expedition HOUSEHOLD/INDUSTRIAL

Frost, Abraham on March 19, 1804
#X000534 machine for preparing what is commonly called top and swingled tow for paper INDUSTRIAL

Tyler, Benjamin on March 19, 1804
#X000535 “wry-fly” which may be applied by wind or water to various machines, viz. grist mills, hulling mills, spinning mills, fulling mills, paper mills and to the use of furnaces INDUSTRIAL

Williams, John on March 23, 1804
#X000536 inclined-plane-statical-wheel machine for facilitating the passage of boats in canals or for removing earth, stones, or other heavy bodies from hills by the inclined plane INDUSTRIAL

Robinson, George W. on March 24, 1804
#X000537 improvement in manufacturing coat and waistcoat buttons TOOLS

Hunn, Anthony on March 24, 1804
#X000538 machine for the improvement of navigation BOATING

Naylor, John on March 31, 1804
#X000539 “improved still and boiler” INDUSTRIAL

Daniel, Phineas on March 31, 1804
#X000540 improvement in the mode of making shot INDUSTRIAL

Roberts, Owen on April 12, 1804
#X000541 machine for breaking and cleansing flax and hemp INDUSTRIAL/TOOLS

Whiting, Calvin & Parsons, Eli on April 14, 1804
#X000542 improvement in the mode of working sheet tin into different wares INDUSTRIAL

Eaton, Joseph on April 14, 1804
#X000543 improvement in springs for window sashes HOUSEHOLD

Garber, Michael on April 17, 1804
#X000544 machine for slitting and heading nails INDUSTRIAL

Giraud, John James on April 18, 1804
#X000545 double steam-bath still INDUSTRIAL

Goltry, Paul on April 24, 1804
#X000546 machine for cleaning flax seed from cockle, yellow seed, cheat, and all foul seeds which may be applied to separate wheat, rye and other grains from each other and all impurities FARMING

Withers, Michael on April 30, 1804
#X000547 machine for shelling clover seed FARMING

Coates, Moses ;Evans, Evan on April 30, 1804
#X000548 improved machine for cutting straw and hay FARMING

Langstroth, Thomas on May 1, 1804
#X000549 improvement in paper mills INDUSTRIAL

Stickney, John on May 1, 1804
#X000550 improvement in the construction of pumpboxes or pumps designed for the use of ships of war, merchant vessels, or other purposes where water is required to be raised BOATING

Houston, Samuel on May 3, 1804
#X000551 Columbian threshing, break and cleaning fan MECHANICAL

Stevens, Levi on April 8, 1804
#X000552 machine to be fixed to the top of a common churn INDUSTRIAL

Stevens, Levi on April 8, 1804
#X000553 machine for shelling and cleaning corn which may likewise answer the purpose of grinding tanner’s bark and provender for cattle and horses FARMING/ANIMALS

Staniford, John, Jr. and Allen, Amos D. on May 10, 1804
#X000554 improvement of the lantern HOUSEHOLD

Allen, Amos D. on May 10, 1804
#X000555 composition for tablets to write or draw on HOUSEHOLD/INDUSTRIAL

Allen, Amos D. on May 10, 1804
#X000556 machine to cut strips or chips of wood to make chip hats, bonnets, etc. MECHANICAL

Crafts, Edward, Jr. on May 12, 1804
#X000557 furnace for making pot and pearl ashes with the manner of using and the materials of which the same is composed INDUSTRIAL

Weld, Ezra on May 16, 1804
#X000558 machine or apparatus for making salt INDUSTRIAL

Simons, James & McJames, Joseph on May 17, 1804
#X000559 machine for cleaning and moating cotton after it has been ginned INDUSTRIAL

Allison, Burgiss and French, Richard on June 8, 1804
#X000560 machine for making nails and spikes INDUSTRIAL

Spencer, Asa on June 8, 1804
#X000561 improvement in making thimbles TOOLS

Tunstall, William on June 30, 1804
#X000562 improvement in machines for clearing grain from straw FARMING

Folger, Benjamin on July 7, 1804
#X000563 improvement in the mode of pumping and raising water INDUSTRIAL

Osborn, Levi on July 12, 1804
#X000564 improvement in the construction of the fulling mill, called the double crank INDUSTRIAL

Deaver, John on July 12, 1804
#X000565 improvement in the plough FARMING

Hoxie, Christopher on July 12, 1804
#X000566 improvement in the auger TOOLS

Power, Thomas on July 12, 1804
#X000567 improvement in the lime kiln INDUSTRIAL

Veltenair, Christian on August 10, 1804
#X000568 metallic grinder or hone for razors, pen knives, scissors, surgeon’s instruments and all kinds of fine edged tools TOOLS

Boureau, Nicholas on August 21, 1804
#X000569 improvement in the machine for cutting nails TOOLS

Harington, William on August 28, 1804
#X000570 machine for raising water from wells HOUSEHOLD/FARMING

Betts, Hezekiah on August 29, 1804
#X000571 improved windlass for ships or vessels BOATING

Roberts, John & Allen, Amos D. and Kelsey, Ezekiel on September 5, 1804
#X000572 machine to cut chips or strips of wood to make chip hats and bonnets, brooms, baskets, sieves, matting and for various other uses TOOLS

Kent, Emanuel on September 14, 1804
#X000573 crushing plaister mill INDUSTRIAL

Webb, Orange on September 18, 1804
#X000574 improvement in suspenders CLOTHES

Weems, Richard on September 20, 1804
#X000575 improvement in wind mills INDUSTRIAL

Bolton, John, Jr. on September 29, 1804
#X000576 wagon or carriage to be worked by INDUSTRIAL/HOUSEHOLD

Thomas, John James on October 2, 1804
#X000577 method to prevent chimneys from admitting water in rainy weather HOUSEHOLD

Taylor, Aaron on October 4, 1804
#X000578 forcing pump to raise water INDUSTRIAL

Brown, Abel on October 17, 1804
#X000579 “rheumatic liniment” for chronic rheumatism, strains, etc. MEDICINE

Smith, Simon on October 23, 1804
#X000580 improvement in gallows or suspenders for breeches, pantaloons or trowsers CLOTHES

Dearborn, Benjamin on October 29, 1804
#X000581 improvement in candlesticks INDUSTRIAL

Folger, Laban on November 1, 1804
#X000582 machine for breaking dough TOOLS/HOUSEHOLD

McMullin, Daniel & Corby, Thomas M. on November 6, 1804
#X000583 machine for cooling and filtering water or other fluids INDUSTRIAL

Stodder, David on November 16, 1804
#X000584 composition or cement to prevent the roofs and other parts of houses from taking fire HOUSEHOLD

Hooker, John on November 19, 1804
#X000585 improvement in sash springs HOUSEHOLD

Deneale, James, Jr. on November 20, 1804
#X000586 improvement in the threshing machine INDUSTRIAL

DuPont de Nemours, E. I. on November 23, 1804
#X000587 machine for granulating gunpowder ARMS

White, Josiah on November 27, 1804
#X000588 improvement in the oil press INDUSTRIAL

Newton, Simon on December 22, 1804
#X000589 improvement in the cow or sheep bell FARMING/ANIMALS

Geyssenhayner, Frederick William on December 22, 1804
#X000590 machine for cutting nails with and not across the grain of the metal INDUSTRIAL

Stanton, William, Jr. on December 26, 1804
#X000591 improvement in wind mills INDUSTRIAL

Scott, Isaac on December 26, 1804
#X000592 “new invented window springs” HOUSEHOLD

Bellows, Joseph, Jr. and White, Ebenezer on December 29, 1804
#X000593 manufacturing ashes INDUSTRIAL

Fobes, Nathan on December 31, 1804
#X000594 machine for boring gun barrels ARMS/TOOLS

Chamberlaine, Samuel on December 31, 1804
#X000595 medicine called “bilious cordial” MEDICAL

Janes, Seth on December 31, 1804
#X000596 mode of improving or setting a horse’s ears ANIMALS

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire. Not all have been consolidated into the new list.
They have been researched and are called “X-Patents” when found. Not all have been consolidated into the new list.
Officially patents of this era have an “X” at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case.
Research online often put the “x” in the front of the number, and we have used that system.
Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.

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