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United States Patents 1801

Gears01Patents 1801

Cannon, John on January 17, 1801
#X000308 machine for breaking flax INDUSTRIAL

Wheaton, Jesse on January 17, 1801
#X000309 jaundice bitters MEDICAL

Whiting, Ebenezer on January 22, 1801
#X000310 cotton gin FARMING

Guest, Henry on January 26, 1801
#X000311 improvement in sheathing vessels INDUSTRIAL

Anderson, Alexander on January 26, 1801
#X000312 brewing with Indian corn BOOZE

Anderson, Alexander on January 26, 1801
#X000313 condensor for heating wash in distilling BOOZE

Strong, Joseph on January 29, 1801
#X000314 axle tourniquet MECHANICAL

Henderson, William on February 12, 1801
#X000315 improvement in the construction of stoves INDUSTRIAL

Bedwell, Thomas & Henfrey, Benjamin on February 12, 1801
#X000316 improvement in evaporation INDUSTRIAL

Garber, Michael on February 20, 1801
#X000317 machine for making and heading nails INDUSTRIAL

Langdon, Barnabas on February 20, 1801
#X000318 hydraulic machine for raising water INDUSTRIAL

Grieve, David on February 30, 1801
#X000319 improvement in boats to ascend rivers BOATING

Henfrey, Benjamin on March 2, 1801
#X000320 increasing the surface of evaporation for the purpose of distilling BOOZE

Weems, Richard on March 16, 1801
#X000321 boring machine for posts for fencing TOOLS
Stillman, William on March 16, 1801
#X000322 veneering plough for cabinet work TOOLS

Strong, John on March 24, 1801
#X000323 hydraulic engine INDUSTRIAL

Hatch, Israel on March 24, 1801
#X000324 making and discharging chain and cleaver shot ARMS

Kent, Nathan on May 1, 1801
#X000325 cut nails from iron hoops, rendered tough TOOLS

Ellicott, David on May 1, 1801
#X000326 stove, screw and reel grain drying machine INDUSTRIAL

Thayer, Solomon on June 9, 1801
#X000327 impellent pump INDUSTRIAL

Reed, Jesse on June 9, 1801
#X000328 nails milled out of heated rods INDUSTRIAL

Downing, Samuel on June 12, 1801
#X000329 extract of bark for dying INDUSTRIAL

Eveleth, John on June 13, 1801
#X000330 forcing pump INDUSTRIAL

Peale, Charles W. on July 16, 1801
#X000331 portable vapour bath HOUSEHOLD

Guest, Henry on July 16, 1801
#X000332 infusing oil into leather INDUSTRIAL

Ladd, Jeremiah on July 17, 1801
#X000333 beaming machine INDUSTRIAL

Greene, Caleb on July 23, 1801
#X000334 mill for grinding painters’ colors INDUSTRIAL

Hoxie, Christopher on August 20, 1801
#X000335 machine for extracting grain from straw FARMING

Saltonstall, Gurdon F. on August 21, 1801
#X000336 improvement for cooling and conveying up meal INDUSTRIAL

Palmer, William on August 25, 1801
#X000337 machine for raising water INDUSTRIAL

Saltonstall, Gurdon F. on September 2, 1801
#X000338 metallic fluted gin rollers for cleaning cotton INDUSTRIAL/Farming

Bruff, Thomas on September 14, 1801
#X000339 manufacturing spoons INDUSTRIAL

Sharples, James on September 15, 1801
#X000340 giving motion to wheels within cylinders MECHANICAL

Sharples, James on September 15, 1801
#X000341 mechanical powers for the use of windmills MECHANICAL

Power, Thomas on September 19, 1801
#X000342 manufacturing potash INDUSTRIAL

Wallis, Samuel on September 21, 1801
#X000343 moveable suspended beam and scale MECHANICAL

Robotham, Richard on October 10, 1801
#X000344 air pump ventilator for ships, mines, etc. INDUSTRIAL

Robotham, Richard on October 10, 1801
#X000345 machine for ruling paper PRINTING

Poole, John on October 13, 1801
#X000346 syphonic steam machine INDUSTRIAL

Krafft, Michael on October 28, 1801
#X000347 construction of stills INDUSTRIAL

Leslie, William on November 5, 1801
#X000348 machine for cutting and heading nails INDUSTRIAL

Morton, John A. on December 16, 1801
#X000349 improvement in a wind mill MECHANICAL

Clymer, George on December 22, 1801
#X000350 improvement in a ship’s pump BOATING/MECHANICAL

Condit, Joseph, Jr. on December 28, 1801
#X000351 making paper from Currier’s shavings INDUSTRIAL

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire. Not all have been consolidated into the new list.
They have been researched and are called “X-Patents” when found. Not all have been consolidated into the new list.
Officially patents of this era have an “X” at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case.
Research online often put the “x” in the front of the number, and we have used that system.
Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.

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