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United States Patents 1799

Gears09United States Patents 1799

Thompson, Thomas on January 3, 1799
#X000225 method of regulating wind mills INDUSTRIAL

Hart, Seth on January 4, 1799
#X000226 machine for making nails INDUSTRIAL

Huntley, Joseph on January 10, 1799
#X000227 machine for raising water INDUSTRIAL

Brunel, Mark Isambard on January 17, 1799
#X000228 machine for writing with two pens MECHANICAL

Sears, John on January 24, 1799
#X000229 machine for manufacturing salt INDUSTRIAL

Abbott, Henry on January 24, 1799
#X000230 improvement in a coal stove HOUSEHOLD

Spooner, Eliakim on January 25, 1799
#X000231 machine for cultivating corn, beans, etc. FARMING

Spooner, Eliakim on January 25, 1799
#X000232 machine for planting corn FARMING

Reed, Ezekiel on February 14, 1799
#X000233 improvement in a horizontal water wheel INDUSTRIAL

Dearborn, Benjamin on February 14, 1799
#X000234 improvement in steelyards INDUSTRIAL

Du Val, Benjamin on February 14, 1799
#X000235 preparation of steel for cutting glass TOOLS/INDUSTRIAL

Perkins, Jacob on February 14, 1799
#X000236 improvement in making nails INDUSTRIAL

Tyler, Benjamin on February 26, 1799
#X000237 flax and hemp mill FARMING/INDUSTRIAL

Hancock, William on February 26, 1799
#X000238 improvement in casting iron INDUSTRIAL

Whiting, Charles on March 2, 1799
#X000239 extracting oil from cotton seeds INDUSTRIAL

Shotwell, John on March 16, 1799
#X000240 improvement in sharpening axes TOOLS

Perkins, Jacob on March 19, 1799
#X000241 check to detect counterfeits TOOLS

Shackford, Josiah on March 21, 1799
#X000242 improvement in propelling boats BOATING

Sanford, Isaac on March 27, 1799
#X000243 machine for dressing cloth INDUSTRIAL

Morey, Samuel on March 27, 1799
#X000244 obtaining force from water by steam INDUSTRIAL

Pratt, Phineas on April 12, 1799
#X000245 machine for making combs INDUSTRIAL

Morey, Samuel on April 24, 1799
#X000246 improvement in his water engine INDUSTRIAL

Dearborn, Benjamin on April 30, 1799
#X000247 double-centered mill for wind or water INDUSTRIAL

Duty, Andrew W. on April 8, 1799
#X000248 new method of cutting clay for tiles INDUSTRIAL

Faris, William on May 17, 1799
#X000249 machine for raising water INDUSTRIAL

Gould, Chester on May 27, 1799
#X000250 “machine to keep a ship’s distance at sea” BOATING

Wigglesworth, Michael on June 26, 1799
#X000251 improvement in making ropes INDUSTRIAL

Lee, Samuel H. P. on June 26, 1799
#X000252 “bilious pills” MEDICINE

Weld, Ezra on June 26, 1799
#X000253 improvement in washing clothes HOUSEHOLD

Long, James on August 5, 1799
#X000254 napping hats HOUSEHOLD

Robotham, Richard on August 14, 1799
#X000255 purifying spermaceti oil INDUSTRIAL

Hamlin, Samuel Eli on August 30, 1799
#X000256 capstan fire engine INDUSTRIAL

McFarland, Moses on October 28, 1799
#X000257 federal balloon MECHANICAL

Kinsley, Apollos on October 28, 1799
#X000258 universal pump INDUSTRIAL

Livingston, Robert R. on October 28, 1799
#X000259 manufacturing of paper INDUSTRIAL

Keller, Daniel on November 5, 1799
#X000260 boat for descending rapid streams BOATING

Stickney, John on November 29, 1799
#X000261 pumps for ships, mines, etc. BOATING/INDUSTRIAL

Payne, Thomas on December 2, 1799
#X000262 saw mill INDUSTRIAL

Hawks, John on December 14, 1799
#X000263 Hawks’ pills MEDICAL

Wilder, Abijah on December 14, 1799
#X000264 runners and bows for sleighs and sleds INDUSTRIAL

Chase, Havilard on December 16, 1799
#X000265 improvement in mills INDUSTRIAL

Pitman, John on December 24, 1799
#X000266 “effeminate ropery for spinning rope yarn” INDUSTRIAL

Patent records through July 1836 were burned in a fire. Not all have been consolidated into the new list.
They have been researched and are called “X-Patents” when found. Not all have been consolidated into the new list.
Officially patents of this era have an “X” at the end of the patent number, but that is not always the case.
Research online often put the “x” in the front of the number, and we have used that system.
Fractional numbers are designed to update patents, but keep them in sequential order.

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