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November 8, 1789 Bourbon Whiskey Was First Distilled From Corn

A major breakthrough in the alcoholic world happened on November 8, 1789. Bourbon Whiskey was for the first time distilled from corn. This date is marked as the true date of the discovery of how to distill Bourbon Whiskey from corn. In actuality the date is more a Kentucky legend than fact, but as we all like to believe George Washington owned up to cutting down a cherry tree instead of telling a lie, perhaps it’s fitting that Kentucky has it’s legends as well.

It is said that on November 8, 1789 in Bourbon Kentucky a Baptist Minister by the name of Elijah Craig created this new form of whiskey. Bourbon Kentucky was a wonderful spot for growing corn and Craig using a mash of 50 to 80 percent corn was able to come with a new taste for whiskey. Corn is what gives Bourbon it’s unique flavor. Craig besides being a minister and a creator of the flavorful whiskey also helped establish Georgetown College.

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