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Girls Names Songs

Abby - Dear Abby - Hearts
Abigail Beecher - Freddy Cannon
Adeline - Sweet Adeline - Mills Brothers
Alice's Restuarant - Arlo Guthrie
Alison - Elvis Costello
Amanda - Boston
Amanda - Dione Warwick
Amanda - Waylon Jennings
Amie - Pure Prarie League
Amy - Elton John
Amy - Paul Peterson
Anastasia - Pat Boone
Andrea - Sunrays
Angela - Mambo # 5 - Lou Bega
Angelia - Richard Marx
Angeline - Naughty Angeline - Dick Haymes
Angelina - Louis Prima
Angelina/Zooma - Louis Prima
Angie - Rolling Stones
Angie Baby - Helen Reddy
Ann - Dear Ann - George Baker Selection
Anna - Jorgen Ingmann
Anna Begins - Counting Crows
Anna Marie - Jim Reeves
Annie - Avenging Annie - Roger Daltrey
Annie - Dreamboat Annie - Heart
Annie's Song - John Denver
Ann-Marie - Belmonts
Athena - the Who
Barbara - Bye Bye Barbara - Johnny Mathis
Barbara - Temptations
Barbara Ann - Regents (or the Beach Boys)
Barbara, I Love You - New Colony Six
Barbarella - Electric Barbarella - Duran Duran
Barbie Girl - Aqua
Bella LInda - Grass Roots
Belle - Disney's Beauty & The Beast
Bernadette - Four Tops
Beth - Kiss
Bette Davis Eyes - Kim Carnes
Betty and Dupree - Chuck Willis
Betty in Bermudas - Dovells
Betty Lou Got A New Pair of Shoes - Bobby Freeman
Betty My Angel - Jerry Fuller
Bille Jean - Michael Jackson
Bonnie - Ballad of Bonnie and Clyde - Georgie Fame
Bonnie - I've Got Bonnie - Bobby Rydell
Bonnie Blue Gal - Mitch Miller
Bonnie Came Back - Duane Eddy
Brandy - O'Jays
Brandy (You're A Fine Girl) - Looking Glass
Bridget the Midget - Ray Stevens
Candy - I Want Candy - Strangeloves (or Bow Wow Wow)
Carey - Joni Mitchell
Carol - Chuck Berry (or Tommy Roe)
Carol - Oh! Carol - Neil Sedaka
Caroline - Sweet Caroline - Neil Diamond
Caroline, No - Beach Boys
Carolyn - Merle Haggard
Carolyn - Michael Stanley Band
Carolyn's Fingers - Cocteau Twins
Carrie - Cliff Richard
Carrie - Europe
Carrie-Anne - Hollies
Cathy's Clown - Everly Borthers
Cecilia - Simon & garfunkle
Chante's Got A Man - Chantè Moore
Charlotte - Hush, Hush Sweet Charlotte - Patti Page
Cheriè - Bobby Rydell
Cherie - Ch Ch Cherie - Johnny Average Band
Cherie, I Love You - pat Boone
Cheryl Mona Marie - John Rowles
China Girl - David Bowie
Christine Sixteen - Kiss
Cindy Incidentally - Faces
Cindy, Oh Cindy - Eddie Fisher (or Vince Martin)
Cindy's Birthday - Johnny Crawford
Cindy's Gonna Cry - Johnny Crawford
Claire - Planet Clair - B-52s
Claudette - Every Brothers
Clementine - Bobby Darin (or Jan & Dean)
Cleopatra - Antony and Cleopatra Theme - Ferrante & Teicher
Co-Co - Sweet
Corinna, Corinna - Ray Peterson (or Joe Turner)
Daisy Jane - America
Daisy Mae - Hamilton, Joe Frank & Reynolds
Dawn - David Rockingham Trio
Dawn - Delta Dawn - Helen Reddy (or tanya Tucker)
Dawn (Go Away) - Four Seasons
Deanie - Hey Deanie - Shaun Cassidy
Delilah - Beautiful Delilah - Chuck Berry
Delilah - Dear Delilah - Grapefruit
Delilah - Hey There Delilah - Plain White T's
Denise - Randy & The Rainbows
Desireè - Neil Diamond
Diana - Paul Anka (or Bobby Rydell)
Diane - Bachelors
Diane - Jack & Diane - John Cougar (Melloncamp)
Dianne, Dianne - Ronny & The Daytonas
Dinah - DeDe Dinah - Frankie Avalon
Dolly - Hello, Dolly (showtune)
Donna - Hey Donna - Rythm Syndicate
Donna - Richie Valens
Donna The Prima Donna - Dion
Dorothy - Judy Collins
Elaine - Beatles
Eileen - Come On Eileen - Dexy's Midnight Runners
Eleanor - Turtles
Eleanor Rigby - The Beatles
Eloise - Dear Eloise - Hollies
Eloise - Sweet Eloise - Glenn Miller
Elvira - Oak Ridge Boys
Emily - Elton John
Emily - For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her - Simon & Garfunkle
Emma - Hot Chocolate
Emma Rose - Kate Wolf
Emmaline - Sweet Emmaline, My Gal - Mike Markel's Orchestra
Francene - ZZ Top
Frances - When Frances Dances With Me - Ada Jones & Billy Murray
Georgia - Ray Charles
Georgia - Sweet Gergia Brown - various
Georgia On My Mind - Ray Charles
Georgia Rose - Tont Bennett
Georgie Girl - Seekers
Geraldine - Jack Scott
Gidget - Bobby Darren
Gigi - Vic Damon
Gina - Johnny Mathis
Ginnie Bell - Paul Dino
Glendora - Perry Como
Gloria - Cadillacs
Gloria - Laura Branigan
Gloria - Shadows of Knight (or Them)
Gloria - U2
Gypsy - Fleetwood Mac
Hazel - Hi Hi Hazel - Gary & THe Hornets
Hazel - Hooray For Hazel - Tommy Roe
Heather Honey - Tommy roe
Henrietta - Jimmy Dee
Irene - Goodnight Irene - Jerry Reed (or Billy Williams)
Irene - My Gal Irene - Arthor Colins and Byron hayman
Iris - Goo Goo Dolls
Jackie - Jackie Blue - Ozark Mountain Daredevils
Jane - Baby Jane - Rod Stewart
Jane - Dick & Jane - Bobby Vinton
Jane - Jefferson Starship
Jane - Calamity Jane - Doris Day
Jane - Plain Jane - Bobby Darin
Jane - Sweet Jane - Velvet Underground
Jane - Sweet Jane - Velvet Underground (or Cowboy Junkies)
Jane, Jane, Jane - Kingston Trio
Jane's Getting Serious - John Astley
Janie's Got A Gun - Aerosmith
Jaqueline - Bobby Helms
Jean - Blue Jean - David Bowie
Jean - Oliver
Jean Genie - David Bowie
Jennie Lee - Jan & Arnie
Jennie Lee - Sweet Jennie Lee! - Isham Jones
Jennifer - Bobby Sherman
Jennifer Juniper - Donovan
Jenny - Blink 182
Jenny - The Click Five
867-5309/Jenny - Tommy Tutone
Jenny - Cotton Jenny - Anne Murray
Jenny From The Block - Jennifer Lopez
Jenny Take a Ride - Mitch Ryder & The Detroit Wheels
Jenny, Jenny - Little Richard
Jessica - Allman Brothers Band
Jessica - Mambo # 5 - Lou Bega
Jezabel - Chely Wright
Jill - Gary Lewis & The Playboys
Jill - Jack & Jill - Raydio
Joanie - Frankie Chen
Jo-Ann - Playmates
Joanna - Kool & The Gang
Joanne - Michael Nesmith
Jody - Jermaine Stewart
A Girl Called Johnny- Water Boys
Jolene - Dolly parton
Josephine - Bill Black's Combo
Josephine - My Girl Josephine - Fats Domino
Josephine - Ride On Josephine - George Thorogood
Josie - Kris Kristofferson
Josie - Steely Dan
Jude - Hey Jude - Beatles
Judy - Elvis Presley
Judy - Suite: Judy Blue Eyes - Crosby Stills and Nash
Judy In Disguise (With Glasses) - John Fred & His Playboy band
Judy Loves Me - Johnny Crawford
Judy's Turn To Cry - Lesley Gore
Julia - Beatles
Julia - Ramsey lewis
Julia Says - Wet Wet Wet
Julie - Doris Day
Julie - How Is Julie? - The Lettermen
Julie, Do Ya Love Me - Bobby Sherman
Julienne - Sweet Julienne - Harry Macdonough
Juliet - (Just Like) Romeo & Juliet - Reflections
Jura (I Swear I Love You) - Les Paul & Mary Ford
Justine - Righteous Brothers
Karen's Theme - The Carpenters
Katie Wants a Fast One - Steve Wariner
K-K-K-Katie (Stammering Song) - Billy Murray
Katie - Maybe Katie - Barenaked Ladies
Katie - That's My Katie - Tom Paxton
Katy - Waiting At The Gate For Katy - Don Bestor
Kelly - Slide, Kelly, Slide - George J. Gaskin
Laura - Woody Herman, Freddie Martin, other
Laura - Tell Laura I Love Her - Ray Peterson
Laura - Think Of Laura - Christopher Cross
Layla - Derek and the Dominoes/Eric Clapton
Leilani - Sweet Leilani - Bing Crosby
Lily, Rosemary and the Jack Of Hearts - Bob Dylan (or Joan Baez)
Lily The Pink - Irish Rovers
Lily - Pictures Of Lily - The Who
Linda - Ray Noble with Buddy Clark
Linda - I Saw Linda Yesterday - Dickey Lee
Fishing For Lisa - The Feelers
Lisa - I'm Not Lisa - Jessi Colter
Liza - (All The Clouds'll Roll Away) - Al Jolson
Lola - Copacabana - Barry Manilow
Lola - Kinks
Lola - Whatever Lola Wants - Sarah Vaughn
Lorelai - Styx
Lorraine - Darling Lorraine - Knockouts
Lorriane - Sweet Lorraine - Teddy Wilson
Louise - Maurice Chevalier
Louise, Louise - Bob Crosby
Louise - Sweet Lui-Louise - Ironhorse
Luann - Miss Luann - George Thorogood
Luanne - Foreigner
Lucille - Little Richard
Lucy - Hey Little Lucy! (Dontcha Put No Lipstick On) - Conway Twitty
Lulu's Back In Town - Fats Waller
Mabel! Mabel! - Woody Herman
Madelaine - Sammy kaye
Mademoiselle - Styx
Maggie May - Rod Stewart
Mandy - Barry Manilow
Margie - Eddie Cantor
Marguerite - Harry Macdonough
Maria - Take A Letter Maria - R.B. Greaves
Maria - My Maria - B.W. Stevenson
Maria - Ricky Martin
Maria - Tony, From West Side Story
Maria Elena - Jimmy Dorsey
Maria Maria - Santana
Marianne - C'mon Marianne - Four Seasons (or Donny Osmond)
Marie - Tommy Dorsey (or Rudy Vallee)
Marie - (Marie's The Name) His Latest Flame - Elvis Presley
Marie - Sweet Marie - George J. Gaskin
Marilyn - Ray Anthony
Marion (Soon You'll Be Marryin' Me) - Billy Murray & Gladys Rice
Marlena - Four Seasons
Mary - Along Comes Mary - Association
Mary - Arms of Mary - Chilliwack
Mary Danced With Soldiers - Emmylou Harris
Mary - Lazy Mary - Lou Monte
Mary - Mambo # 5 - Lou Bega
Mary - Oh! What A Pal Was Mary - Henry Burr
Mary - Proud Mary - Ike & Tina Turner (or Creedence Learwater Revival
Mary - Wait For Me Mary - Dick Haymes
Mary Ann - Cliff Edwards
Mary Jane - Rick James
Mary Jane's Last Dance - Tom Petty
Mary Lou - Hello Mary Lou - Ricky Nelson
Mary, Mary - The Monkees
Matilda - Twistin Matilda - various (Austrailian Standard)
Maybellene - Chuck Berry
Melinda - Sweet Melinda - John Denver
Melinda's Wedding Day - Arthor Collins and Byron Harlan
Melissa - Sweet Melissa - Allman Brothers Band
Michelle - Club Michelle - Eddie Money
Michelle - The Beatles
Mimi - Maurice Chevalier
Minnie The Moocher - Cab Calloway
Molly - Good Golly Miss Molly - Little Richard
Mona Lisa - Nat 'King' Cole
Monica - Mambo # 5 - Lou Bega
Mrs. Jones - Me and Mrs. Jones - Billy Paul
Mrs. Robinson - Simon & Garfunkle
Nadia's Theme - Barry DeVorzon & Perry Botkin, Jr
Nadine (is It You?) - Chuck Berry
Nancy (With The laughing face) - Frank Sinatra
Natalia - Joan Baez
Nikita - Elton John
Nona - Motley Crue
Nona - Erskine Hawkins
Ophelia - The Band
Pamela - Mambo # 5 - Lou Bega
Pamela - Toto
Patricia - Perry Como
Paula - Don't Wanna Think About Paula - Dickie Lee
Paula - Hey Paula - Paul and Paula
Peg - Steely Dan
Peg O My Heart - Buddy Clark or the Harmonicats
Peggy - Art Hickman
Peggy Sue - Buddy Holly
Prudence - Dear Prudence - The Beatles
Rhiannon - Fleetwood Mac
Rhonda - Help Me Rhonda - Beach Boys
Rita - Lovely Rita - Beatles
Rita - Mambo # 5 - Lou Bega
Robin - Rockin' Robin - Bobby Day (or Michael Jackson)
Rosalie - Sammy Kaye
Rosalita - Bruce Springsteen
Rosanna - Toto
Rose, Rose, I Love You - Frankie Laine
Rose - Second Hand Rose - Barbra Striesand
Rosemary - Kay Kyser
Rosemary - Love Grows (Where My Rosemary Goes) - Edison Lighthouse
Rose-Marie - Paul Whiteman
Rosie - Cracklin' Rosie - Neil Diamond
Roxanne - Police
Ruby - Ray Charles
Ruby, Baby - Billy Crash Craddock
Ruby, Don't Take Your Love To Town - Kenny Rogers & New Edition
Sadie - Spinners
Sadie - Sexy Sadie - Beatles
Sal - My Gal Sal - Byron Harlan
Sallie - Oh, Oh Sallie - Billy Murray & Bob Roberts
Sally In Our Alley - Manhansett Quartette
Sally Of My Dreams - Dorsey Brothers Orchestra or Earl Burtnett
Sally, Won't You Come Back? - Ted Weems
Sally - Lay Down Sally - Eric Clapton
Sally - Mustang Sally - Wilson Pickett
Sally, Go 'Round The Roses - Jaynetts
Samantha (What You Gonna Do?) - Cellarful Of Noise
Sandra - Mambo # 5 - Lou Bega
Sandy - John Travolta (Grease)
Sara - Fleetwood Mac
Sara - Jefferson Starship
Sara's Song - Ludo
Sara Smile - Hall & Oates
Sarah - Eskimo Joe
Shannon - Henry Gross
Shandi - Kiss
Shiela - Tommy Roe
Sheila - Oh Sheila - Ready For The World
Sherry - 4 Seasons
Sherry Darling - Bruce Springsteen
Shiela - Little Shiela - Slade
Stacy's Mom - Fountains Of Wayne
Stella - Al Jolson
Stella By Starlight - Harry James
Sue - Billy and Sue - B.J. Thomas
Sue - My Creole Sue - Steve Porter
Sue - Runaround Sue - Dion
Sue - Sweet Sue - Mills Brothers
Sue - Sweetheart Sue - Henry Burr & Albert Campbell
Susan - To Susan on the West Coast Waiting - Donovan
Susanna - Oh Susanna - Wendall Hall & Shannon Four
Susie - Wake Up Little Susie - Everly Brothers
Susie - Where's the Playground, Suzi - Glen Campbell
Susie Q - Creedence Clearwater Revival
Susy - Oh Susy Behave - Fred Van Eps
Suzanna - Judy Collins
Suzanna - Oh! Suzanna - Traditional
Suzi - Little Suzi - Tesla
Sylvia's Mother - Dr. Hook& The Medicine Show
Tammy - Debbie Reynolds
Tara's Theme (My Own True Love) - Leroy Holmes
Tessie (Stop Teasing Me) - Ray Miller
Tina - Mambo # 5 - Lou Bega
Tina Marie - Perry Como
Trouble WIth Tracey - Barenaked Ladies
Valerie - Steve Winwood
Valleri - The Monkees
Vanessa - Hugo Winterhalter
Venus - Frankie Avalon
Veronica - Elvis Costello
Victoria - The Kinks
Victoria - The Exponents
Virginia - Meet Virginia - Train
Virginia - Oh Virginia - Blessid Union Of Souls
Walk Away Renee - Left Banke
Wendy - Beach Boys
Wendy - the Muppets


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