1960s Phrases

Some phrases from the 1960s that no one uses anymore…..

A Gas: A Lot of Fun
Ankle Biter: A Baby or Small Child
Ape: Gone Wild
Bad: Awesome
Bag: To Steal
Ball: To party. Later meaning Intercourse
Beat Feat: Leave in a hurry
Blast: A great time
Blitzed: Drunk
Bogart: To hog something
Book: Leave the area
Bread: Money
Bummed Out: Depressed
Cat: A guy
Choice: Something that is really cool
Chop: To cut down verbally
Cool Head: Nice Guy
Copacetic: Everything is alright
Crash: Go to bed
Decked Out: Dressed up
Dig: Do you understand?
Dip Stick/Dork: What an idiot
Dude: A geek
Fab: Far out
Flake: Useless person
Fox: An outstanding looking girl/woman
Fuzz/Pig: Police
Gimme Some Skin: Shake hands
Groovy/Gone: Really cool
Hacked: Angry or disgusted
Hairy: Out of control
Jam: To leave the area
Jazzed: Excited or elated
Jesus Boots: Sandals
Later: Goodbye
Lay It On Me: Speak your peace
Loaded: Intoxicated
Make Out: Kissing session
Moon: Drop your pants
Neat/Nifty: Cool or nice
Old Lady: Your mother
Outta Sight: Fantastic
Panty Waist: A mama’s boy
Primo: First class
Pin: To look hard at someone
Primo: First class
Rags: Clothes
Rap: Talk
Right On: I agree
Scarf: Eat very fast
Scratch: Money
Skag: Ugly girl
Sosh: Someone who is snobby
Stuck Up: Conceited
Teach: A Teacher
The Most: Something that is amazing
Thongs: Something you wore on your feet like sandals
Twitchin: A word you used instead of Bitchin around your parents
Wet Willie: When someone puts their wet finger in your ear
Wicked: Term for admiration
Zits: Pimples or acne

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