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Oscar Winners - The 1943 Academy Awards

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1943 Oscars Info
Winners Announced: March 4, 1943
Held at: Cocoanut Grove, The Ambassador Hotel, Los Angeles, California
Host: Bob Hope
Eligibility Year: 1942
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1943 Oscar Winners
Outstanding Motion Picture The Invaders (Ortus; Columbia)
Kings Row (Warner Bros.)
The Magnificent Ambersons (Mercury; RKO Radio)
Mrs. Miniver (MGM)
The Pied Piper (Twentieth Century-Fox)
The Pride of the Yankees (Goldwyn; RKO Radio)
Random Harvest (MGM)
The Talk of the Town (Columbia)
Wake Island (Paramount)
Yankee Doodle Dandy (Warner Bros.)
Best Actor James Cagney, Yankee Doodle Dandy
Ronald Colman, Random Harvest
Gary Cooper, The Pride of the Yankees
Walter Pidgeon, Mrs. Miniver
Monty Woolley, The Pied Piper
Best Actress Bette Davis, Now, Voyager
Greer Garson, Mrs. Miniver
Katharine Hepburn, Woman of the Year
Rosalind Russell, My Sister Eileen
Teresa Wright, The Pride of the Yankees
Actor in a Supporting Role William Bendix, Wake Island
Van Heflin, Johnny Eager
Walter Huston, Yankee Doodle Dandy
Frank Morgan, Tortilla Flat
Henry Travers, Mrs. Miniver
Actress in a Supporting Role Gladys Cooper, Now, Voyager
Agnes Moorehead, The Magnificent Ambersons
Susan Peters, Random Harvest
Dame May Whitty, Mrs. Miniver
Teresa Wright, Mrs. Miniver
Directing Michael Curtiz, Yankee Doodle Dandy
John Farrow, Wake Island
Mervyn LeRoy, Random Harvest
Sam Wood, Kings Row
William Wyler, Mrs. Miniver
Original Motion Picture Story Irving Berlin, Holiday Inn
Robert Buckner, Yankee Doodle Dandy
Paul Gallico, The Pride of the Yankees
Sidney Harmon, The Talk of the Town
Emeric Pressburger, The Invaders
Original Screenplay W. R. Burnett and Frank Butler, Wake Island
Frank Butler and Don Hartman, Road to Morocco
Michael Kanin and Ring Lardner, Jr., Woman of the Year
George Oppenheimer, The War Against Mrs. Hadley
Michael Powell and Emeric Pressburger, One of Our Aircraft Is Missing
Screenplay Rodney Ackland and Emeric Pressburger, The Invaders
Sidney Buchman and Irwin Shaw, The Talk of the Town
George Froeschel, James Hilton, Claudine West and Arthur Wimperis, Mrs. Miniver
George Froeschel, Claudine West and Arthur Wimperis, Random Harvest
Herman J. Mankiewicz and Jo Swerling, The Pride of the Yankees
Black-and-White Charles Clarke, Moontide
Stanley Cortez, The Magnificent Ambersons
Edward Cronjager, The Pied Piper
James Wong Howe, Kings Row
Rudolph Maté, The Pride of the Yankees
John Mescall, Take a Letter, Darling
Arthur Miller, This Above All
Joseph Ruttenberg, Mrs. Miniver
Leon Shamroy, Ten Gentlemen From West Point
Ted Tetzlaff, The Talk of the Town
Color Edward Cronjager and William V. Skall, To the Shores of Tripoli
W. Howard Greene, Jungle Book
Milton Krasner, William V. Skall and W. Howard Greene, Arabian Knights
Victor Milner and William V. Skall, Reap the Wild Wind
Sol Polito, Captains of the Clouds
Leon Shamroy, The Black Swan
Art Direction
Black-and-White Lionel Banks and Rudolph Sternad, art direction; Fay Babcock, interior decoration, The Talk of the Town
Ralph Berger, art direction; Emile Kuri, interior decoration, Silver Queen
Albert S. D'Agostino, art direction; Al Fields and Darrell Silvera, interior decoration, The Magnificent Ambersons
Richard Day and Joseph Wright, art direction; Thomas Little, interior decoration, This Above All
Hans Dreier and Roland Anderson, art direction; Sam Comer, interior decoration, Take a Letter, Darling
Perry Ferguson, art direction; Howard Bristol, interior decoration, The Pride of the Yankees
Cedric Gibbons and Randall Duell, art direction; Edwin B. Willis and Jack Moore, interior decoration, Random Harvest
John B. Goodman and Jack Otterson, art direction; Russell A. Gausman and Boris Leven, art direction and interior decoration, The Shanghai Gesture
Max Parker and Mark-Lee Kirk, art direction; Casey Roberts, interior decoration, George Washington Slept Here
Edward R. Robinson, interior decoration, The Spoilers
Color Richard Day and Joseph Wright, art direction; Thomas Little, interior decoration, My Gal Sal
Hans Dreier and Roland Anderson, art direction; George Sawley, interior decoration, Reap the Wild Wind
Alexander Golitzen and Jack Otterson, art direction; Russell A. Gausman and Ira S. Webb, interior decoration, Arabian Nights
Vincent Korda, art direction; Julia Heron, interior decoration, Jungle Book
Ted Smith, art direction; Casey Roberts, interior decoration, Captains of the Clouds
Sound Recording Columbia Studio Sound Dept., You Were Never Lovelier
MGM Studio Sound Dept., Mrs. Miniver
Paramount Studio Sound Dept., Road to Morocco
RCA Sound, The Gold Rush
Republic Studio Sound Dept., Flying Tigers
RKO Radio Studio Sound Dept., Once Upon a Honeymoon
Samuel Goldwyn Studio Sound Dept., The Pride of the Yankees
Sound Service, Inc., Friendly Enemies
Twentieth Century-Fox Studio Sound Dept., This Above All
Universal Studio Sound Dept., Arabian Nights
Walt Disney Studio Sound Dept., Bambi
Warner Bros. Studio Sound Dept., Yankee Doodle Dandy
Song “Always in My Heart,” Always in My Heart, Ernesto Lecuona, music; Kim Gannon, lyrics
“Dearly Beloved,” You Were Never Lovelier, Jerome Kern, music; Johnny Mercer, lyrics
“How About You?,” Babes on Broadway, Burton Lane, music; Ralph Freed, lyrics
“It Seems I Heard That Song Before,” Youth on Parade, Jule Styne, music; Sammy Cahn, lyrics
“I've Got a Gal in Kalamazoo,” Orchestra Wives, Harry Warren, music; Mack Gordon, lyrics
“Love Is a Song,” Bambi, Frank Churchill, music; Larry Morey, lyrics
“Pennies for Peppino,” Flying With Music, Edward Ward, music; Chet Forrest and Bob Wright, lyrics
“Pig Foot Pete,” Hellzapoppin', Gene de Paul, music; Don Raye, lyrics (This song was declared ineligible because it does not appear in Hellzapoppin'. The song did appear in the 1941 film Keep 'Em Flying.)
“There's a Breeze on Lake Louise,” The Mayor of 44th Street, Harry Revel, music; Mort Greene, lyrics
“White Christmas,” Holiday Inn, Irving Berlin, music and lyrics
Scoring of a Dramatic or Comedy Picture Frank Churchill and Edward Plumb, Bambi
Richard Hageman, The Shanghai Gesture
Leigh Harline, The Pride of the Yankees
Werner Heymann, To Be or Not to Be
Frederick Hollander and Morris Stoloff, The Talk of the Town
Edward Kay, Klondike Fury
Alfred Newman, The Black Swan
Miklos Rozsa, Jungle Book
Frank Skinner, Arabian Nights
Max Steiner, Now, Voyager
Herbert Stothart, Random Harvest
Max Terr, The Gold Rush
Dimitri Tiomkin, The Corsican Brothers
Roy Webb, I Married a Witch
Roy Webb, Joan of Paris
Victor Young, Flying Tigers
Victor Young, Silver Queen
Victor Young, Take a Letter, Darling
Scoring of a Musical Picture Roger Edens and Georgie Stoll, For Me and My Gal
Robert Emmett Dolan, Holiday Inn
Leigh Harline, You Were Never Lovelier
Ray Heindorf and Heinz Roemheld, Yankee Doodle Dandy
Alfred Newman, My Gal Sal
Charles Previn and Hans Salter, It Started With Eve
Walter Scharf, Johnny Doughboy
Edward Ward, Flying With Music
Film Editing George Amy, Yankee Doodle Dandy
Harold F. Kress, Mrs. Miniver
Daniel Mandell, The Pride of the Yankees
Otto Meyer, The Talk of the Town
Walter Thompson, This Above All
Special Effects Lawrence Butler, photography; William H. Wilmarth, sound, Jungle Book
Jack Cosgrove and Ray Binger, photography; Thomas T. Moulton, sound, The Pride of the Yankees
Farciot Edouart, Gordon Jennings and William L. Pereira, photography; Louis Mesenkop, sound, Reap the Wild Wind
John Fulton, photography; Bernard B. Brown, sound, Invisible Agent
A. Arnold Gillespie and Warren Newcombe, photography; Douglas Shearer, sound, Mrs. Miniver
Byron Haskin, photography; Nathan Levinson, sound, Desperate Journey
Howard Lydecker, photography; Daniel J. Bloomberg, sound, Flying Tigers
Ronald Neame, photography; C. C. Stevens, sound, One of Our Aircraft Is Missing
Fred Sersen, photography; Roger Heman and George Leverett, sound, The Black Swan
Vernon L. Walker, photography; James G. Stewart, sound, The Navy Comes Through
Short Subjects
Cartoon All Out for “V” (Terrytoons Series) (Twentieth Century-Fox)
Blitz Wolf (MGM)
Der Fuehrer's Face (Walt Disney Productions; RKO Radio)
Juke Box Jamboree (Swing Symphony Series) (Walter Lantz Productions; Universal)
Pigs in a Polka (Blue Ribbon Series) (Leon Schlesinger, producer; Warner Bros.)
Tulips Shall Grow (George Pal Puppetoon Series) (George Pal Productions, Paramount)
One-Reel Desert Wonderland (Magic Carpet Series) (Twentieth Century-Fox)
Marines in the Making (Pete Smith Specialties Series) (Pete Smith, producer; MGM)
Speaking of Animals and Their Families (Speaking of Animals Series) (Paramount)
United States Marine Band (Melody Master Bands Series) (Warner Bros.)
Two-Reel Beyond the Line of Duty (Broadway Brevities Series) (U.S. War Department; Warner Bros.)
Don't Talk (Crime Doesn't Pay Series) (MGM)
Private Smith of the U.S.A. (This Is America Series) (RKO Radio)
Documentary Africa, Prelude to Victory (March of Time; Twentieth Century-Fox)
The Battle of Midway (U.S. Navy; Twentieth Century-Fox)
Combat Report (U.S. Army Signal Corps)
Conquer by the Clock (America Speaks Series) (U.S. War Information Office; RKO Pathé)
The Grain That Built a Hemisphere (Walt Disney, producer; Office of the Coordinator of Inter-American Affairs)
Henry Browne, Farmer (U.S. Department of Agriculture; Republic)
High Over the Borders (National Film Board of Canada)
High Stakes in the East (Netherlands Information Bureau; Netherlands Information Bureau/Service)
Inside Fighting China (World in Action Series) (National Film Board of Canada; United Artists)
It's Everybody's War (U.S. War Information Office; Twentieth Century-Fox)
Kokoda Front Line! (Australian News and Information Bureau)
Listen to Britain (British Ministry of Information)
Little Belgium (Belgian Ministry of Information)
Little Isles of Freedom (Broadway Brevities Series) (Victor Stoloff and Edgar Loew, producers; Warner Bros.)
Moscow Strikes Back (Artkino; Republic)
Mr. Blabbermouth! (U.S. War Information Office; MGM)
Mr. Gardenia Jones (U.S. War Information Office; MGM)
The New Spirit (Walt Disney, producer; U.S. Treasury Department)
Prelude to War (U.S. Army Special Services)
The Price of Victory (U.S. War Information Office; Paramount)
A Ship Is Born (U.S. Merchant Marine; Warner Bros.)
Twenty-One Miles (British Ministry of Information)
We Refuse to Die (U.S. War Information Office; Paramount)
White Eagle (Concanen Films)
Winning Your Wings (U.S. Army Air Force; Warner Bros.)
Irving G. Thalberg Memorial Award Sidney Franklin
Special Awards To Charles Boyer for his progressive cultural achievement in establishing the French Research Foundation in Los Angeles as a source of reference for the Hollywood motion picture industry
To Noel Coward for his outstanding production achievement in In Which We Serve
To MGM for its achievement in representing the American way of life in the production of the Andy Hardy series of films

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